The Clutcher - and a Good Look at the 2016 Honda Grom's new look.

If you ever wondered how you would react if you woke up to find yourself in a cage, shackled to a cot and then forced to stunt a brand new Honda Grom through deadly obstacles, all while under the video surveillance of a mysterious, hot woman and her Grom gang, well, this is your chance.

This cute and cheesy Thai Honda Grom video set in a "world gone mad, (with the Grom)" gives us a good look at the Honda Grom's new look, as our hero pulls off some impressive stunting work which gains him admission him to a shadowy Grom gang,  known as The Clutcher.  Even he seems a bit confused by the whole experience but is ultimately swept up but the experience, winning the adoration of the mysterious hot woman and of course, getting to ride the new Grom.

As an after thought, I'm always amused by the "Professional Rider on a closed course, Do no attempt," disclaimers in promotional motorcycle videos.  Are they saying, "don't do stoppies, jumps, burnouts and wheelies," or do they mean, "don't do stoppies, jumps, burnouts and wheelies, while avoiding deadly hazards like: laser beam grids, 16 ton weights falling from complete darkness, or while riding atop a narrow labyrinth over a bottomless pit?"

Maybe we'll never know.

Here are the details about the new Grom from a February 18, 2016,  Bangkok - A.P. Honda Press Release

A.P. Honda also introduces Honda MSX125SF, the new Value-Added product, developed under the “Endorphin Clutcher” concept to be a cool mini sport bike with superior design. The model is set for young riders who are looking for a flexible bike to ride in the city.

Honda MSX125SF is modernized with its Sporty Dynamic Design. It comes with new LED headlight and light blue positioning LED line, new full digital meter, new down type muffler, new airplane tank cap, new flip key, and upside down shock absorber.

Honda MSX125SF comes with 4-stroke, 125cc engine, PGM-FI technology, and aircooled system. It is also equipped with engine stop switch for safety, front and rear disc brake, and red caliper which is matched with the black cast wheels and wide tires. MSX125SF will be available at Honda Wing Center nationwide, starting from February 26. Suggested retail price is Bt70,500. The model comes in four color options: Burning Red, Hyper Yellow, Booster White, and Eclipse Black.

No definitive word if this model is coming to the US.

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