We ran a story last month about Aerostich's wild plan to test the Zero FX in freezing Duluth, Minnesota. With their permission, we will be sharing the blogged thoughts of their select group of testers. Stay warm and enjoy!

When all of us test riders were talking about who was going to take the FX which day, I was pretty quick to claim last Friday. It was the nicest day of the week! When I left work for my 13 mile commute home it was a beautiful 54 degrees Fahrenheit. When I arrived home I reflected on what a pleasant ride it was. No buses to slow me down, no frozen fingers, no deer jumping out at me, just a nice spring day. But nothing interesting to blog about!

A couple of years ago I made a commitment to push myself out of my comfort zone. To not let fear or discomfort stop me from doing things. The first thing I did when I made this commitment was to get my motorcycle license, a bike and start riding. This was a huge leap for me! So when Andy asked me if I wanted to participate in the Zero below Zero project I jumped at the opportunity before I let fear get to me. Yet here I was picking all of the nice days to take the bike home. Not really pushing myself, was I?

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Zero Below Zero — A Fair Weather Rider No More!

So when I woke up on Saturday morning and saw that it was snowing hard, with a few inches already on the ground, I knew this was my chance to push myself. After a strong cup of coffee to get me going, I put on my Roadcrafter and grabbed the FX keys. On my way out the door I grabbed my photographer. Nobody at Aerostich was going to believe me without proof!

Off I went out into the snow and slush! Being a part of the Zero Below Zero project has given me the opportunity to become a better and more confident rider. Now I know I can ride in the rain, snow, slush and on icy or sandy roads. I am no longer the fair weather rider! I came home from my ride feeling very proud of myself. OK, it was only three miles but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day...

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Gail - Aerostich H.R. and Payroll. A new rider in 2015, she rides a 2014 Honda PCX 150 scooter and logged about 2,000 miles during her inaugural riding year.

Rider factoid: Prefers riding on clear, sunny days, but with the all weather protection of her Roadcrafter, she has managed a few adventurous rides in rain and fog and even rode a day in December last year!

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Zero Below Zero — A Fair Weather Rider No More!
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