Street freestyle rider Aaron Colton says he’s customizing a Victory Octane to be revealed as his stunt bike at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally next week.

The week-long rally officially kicks off on Monday, though fans are already making their way to the Black Hills town of Sturgis, South Dakota, for what is generally seen as the biggest cruiser event in the world. Though, recent years have seen an increase in the number of riders representing other motorcycle genres.

Colton, who is probably best known for riding in those other genres, says he’s building his custom Octane –– dubbed the #93 Octane –– because he appreciates the bike’s power plant.

Stunt Rider Aaron Colton to Unveil Custom Victory Octane

“ a bike that puts the power to the ground and I can shred on,” Colton said. “The build on the #93 Octane is going to be pretty cut and dry, it’s not going to have a lot of thrills, but the components are going to be second-to-none and we’re changing the ergonomics more to the sport side of things. Once this bike is done there’s going to be quite a few playgrounds it’s going to be ready for.”

Details on exactly what the bike looks like are being kept secret until it’s officially revealed on 9 August but in the meantime, Colton is giving a few clues in releasing a list of some of the custom parts used:

  • Bike Name: 93 Octane
  • Year/Model: 2017 Victory Octane
  • Engine Make: Victory 1200cc
  • Frame Type: Victory Modified
  • Subframe designed by Rodney Aguire
  • Bodywork: Saddlemen Carbon Fiber
  • Exhaust: SC-Project GP-1
  • Intake: Ness Torque Box
  • Rear suspension: Ohlins STX36 Blackline
  • Front suspension: Kraus / Ohlins R&T
  • Rake: 25.5 (The standard Octane has a rake of 29 degrees)
  • Wheel front: RSD Del Mar 17×3.5
  • Wheel rear: RSD Del Mar 17×6
  • Tire front: Bridgestone R10 120/70/17
  • Tire rear: Bridgestone R10 200/55/17
  • Brake front: Magura HC3 16mm / Brembo CNC Radial / EBC 300mm rotors (Notice use of the plural; the standard Octane has only one front disc)
  • Brake rear: Fullthrottle inc Handbrake / Brembo CNC Radial / EBC 280mm rotor
  • Bars: Magura X-Line / Kraus risers and clamps
  • Electronics: Bazzaz fuel controller and quickshift
  • Hand controls: Magura HC3 Masters/ Hale CNC Clutch
  • Lines/Cables: HEL Stainless / Motion Pro T3

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