.motorcycle Domain Names OfferedDominion Registries has announced that .Motorcycles domain names are now available. .Motorcycles domains are...

Dominion Registries has announced that .Motorcycles domain names are now available. .Motorcycles domains are “exclusively available to entities in the powersports industry, providing better naming options and more defining web addresses to accelerate their online presence.”

.Motorcycles domain names are part of ICANN’s (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) historic expansion of the domain name system, the Generic Top-Level Domain Program (gTLD).

"New top-level domains such as .Motorcycles are held to higher standards compared to the legacy top-level domains such as .com and .net," according to Dominion Registries. "For example, all new gTLDs are required to have certain mechanisms in place to protect trademark holders, something not required in legacy domains."

The .Motorcycles registry goes beyond the standard requirements set by ICANN. The registry validates each applicant before releasing a domain name to ensure the applicant is from an eligible category of the powersports industry. This validation gives consumers confidence that any website ending in .Motorcycles will contain relevant content from a legitimate powersports entity.

“In addition, the registry constantly monitors all .Motorcycles websites in order to proactively mitigate any fraudulent activity," claims a media release from Domain Registries.

The complete list of registrars is available at http://domains.motorcycles

Dominion Enterprises claims to be a leading online marketing and software services company offering client solutions across multiple targeted business verticals.

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