The Yamaha range of MAX scooters - 125cc to 530cc - accounts for over half of their scooter sales in Europe. These trend-setting best sellers has had a major influence on scooter design and technology for over 15 years.

The X-MAX 300 moves the tradition forward with a sportier design, developed from the highly successful X-MAX 250 that has achieved over 130,000 sales in its 11-year history. The completely new model is equipped with a new generation 300cc engine that features the very latest Yamaha Blue Core technology, with stronger performance, better fuel economy and reduced emissions. Its sophisticated chassis design delivers motorcycle levels of sports handling performance, without sacrificing practicality. The increased storage space for two full-face helmets and additional items - as well as a 12V adaptor and the new keyless system - the X-MAX 300 is ready for the 9-5 routine.

<strong>The 2017 Yamaha X-MAX 300 may not be coming to the US just yet but we have a feeling it will at some point.</strong>



The X-MAX's new 300cc engine has been designed using Yamaha's next generation Blue Core technology to achieve more power using less fuel. The SOHC, 4-valve engine features a range of power-boosting technologies, including optimized valve shape and timing, as well as a compact hemispherical combustion chamber with a high compression ratio. An offset cylinder design minimizes mechanical losses - and for increased cooling efficiency a DiASil cylinder is used with an oil jet piston cooler. A specially designed forced air-cooling fan that helps to ensure more consistent engine running.

In order to ensure that the X-MAX 300 delivers class-leading acceleration together with excellent fuel economy and good environmental performance, a newly designed fuel injection system is fitted. The 12-hole injector sprays fuel particles towards the back of the valve head, and the shape of the combustion chamber and intake port is designed to create a good tumble motion for quick and efficient combustion that gives stronger low to mid speed torque.

The TMAX was the first high performance maxi scooter to use a motorcycle style front fork. The all-new frame is equipped with a double clamp telescopic fork and twin rear shocks to ensure sporty motorcycle-like handling, together with improved surface feedback and good high-speed stability. The standard Traction Control System (TCS) underlines the advanced specification of this new Sport Scooter. Using a number of sensors that temporarily reduce drive to the rear wheel when any loss of traction is detected, this electronic system provides rider confidence in wet or slippery conditions.

New Yamaha X-MAX 300 Scooter

The X-MAX 300 also incorporates a Smart Key keyless ignition. Not only does it mean you don't have to waste time trying to find which pocket you've put your keys in - this convenient new system also shows how Yamaha's newest sport scooter is leading the way in terms of design and technology. Full LED twin-eye headlights present a modern face that gets noticed wherever you go. At the rear end the wraparound taillight also features LED bulbs as well as a new LED guide light, making the X-MAX 300 highly visible to other road users, day and night.

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