One of Aprilia’s most popular models, the Shiver gets a significant performance bump for 2017. While all the European manufacturers had to put in the work to meet the new Euro 4 specifications, some took the opportunity to match their legal requirements with accompanying power and handling upgrades. With a longer stroke, the 150cc displacement increase over the previous model puts the Shiver 900 into a new realm of both peak power and more torque in the mid-range. The 90-degree V-Twin now churns up 66.38 lb.-ft. of twist at 6500 rpm, which translates to more grunt off the line and better acceleration out of the turns. The engine’s 4-valve heads and dual overhead cams also get the benefits of a more efficient lubrication system and the new Morelli 7SM ECU.

The new Shiver 900 has also been the recipient of Aprilia's extensive experience in electronic control systems and riding support from the RSV4 - the supersport bike that has won seven World SBK titles (three Rider and four Manufacturer) in its racing version and that is consistently at the top of its category in the street version. For the first time, the Shiver has advanced traction control, increasing safety while ensuring dedicated performance.

Aprilia Releases New Shiver 900

As enhancements to the new power and rideability factors, the Shiver 900 gets new fuel tank covers, side panels, tail fairing and front fender - a prominent aesthetic makeover that brings new flash to the naked sport bike from Noale. Its character is complemented by the engine’s red cylinder head covers and matching wheels, frame and shock spring. The Shiver’s instrument cluster is completely new, with modern TFT technology to ensure that information is perfectly legible. The large, 4.3” screen (the same one used on the new Aprilia RSV4 and Aprilia Tuono 1100 V4) provides clear information at all times, while adapting the background and font colors based on light sensor detection of conditions.

Connectivity with your smartphone, provided as an accessory with the AMP (Aprilia Multimedia Platform) kit, also provides the data related to incoming/active calls on the screen, as well as information from an intercom or any audio files being played. The exhaust pipes, one of the characterizing aesthetic elements of the Aprilia Shiver with their placement under the saddle, give the side view of the bike an extremely clean look, have also been redesigned. They maintain the original position, but the end of the silencer is shorter and directed upward. The exhaust flow is now directed downward and to the side in order to prevent interference with the passenger and to provide greater comfort.

Aprilia Releases New Shiver 900

The new 900 engine is mated to a sport-oriented chassis that takes advantage of all the proverbial Aprilia know-how where frames are concerned, and draws from the on-track experience gained in the Supermoto competition, where Aprilia has collected seven World Titles. The trellis upper part in steel tubing is connected to wide spread aluminum lateral plates using special, high-resistance bolts. The combination formed by these elements forms an extremely stiff and lightweight frame. The lateral shock absorber position has created space for the exhaust manifolds, whose shape and volume are calibrated to get the best performance from the engine. This has allowed for an optimum exhaust manifold layout, without having a significant impact on the length of the bike and without thermally stressing a fundamental riding element like the shock absorber.

The aluminum alloy swingarm with stiffening truss puts stiffness utmost, and is sized to withstand the asymmetrical stress of the laterally positioned shock absorber. A new 41mm is both lighter and more adjustable in hydraulic rebound damping and spring preload, with chill cast feet to support the radial calipers. The rear shock, mounted on the side, is pivoted directly on the swingarm, following the cantilever layout. Adjustable spring preload and hydraulic rebound, with rear wheel travel of 130mm.

Aprilia Releases New Shiver 900

The new, lighter 3-spoke rims reflect the standard Aprilia Tuono V4 wheels, and reduce the gyroscopic effect and enhance agility with better suspension action thanks to reduced unsprung weight. The new wheels come with 120/70 front tires and 180/55 on the rear. The braking system, equipped with two-channel ABS and radial calipers add more sure-footed stability.

Aprilia offers a wide range of accessories for the Shiver 900 as well, such as brake and clutch fluid reservoir covers, brake and clutch levers and mirrors. The touring accessories include a comfort saddle, side panniers and the seat bag. The Aprilia Multimedia Platform is available which, thanks to Bluetooth connectivity and the interface with handlebar controls and the new TFT display, allow the rider to manage and share all the trip information, from data on more sport-oriented riding to touring-related information, with data on fuel consumption, routes and trip speeds, road conditions and even Aprilia locations.

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