2017 Dakar Rally – Stage 2 Results

Stage 2 of the 2017 Dakar Rally saw defending Dakar champion Toby Price return to form and win the second stage from Resistencia to San Miguel de Tucuman. Stage 2 was long but easy to navigate over the course of 498 miles (803km) with a long, fast 170 mile (274km) Special that tested the machine durability more than the navigation skills of the riders. However, the 100-degree (38/40-Celsius) temperatures made sure the competitors didn't get off without a physical toll for the day.

“It was a really, really fast stage but with no navigation," explains Stage 2 winner Toby Price. "It was a really long day: we had a 274-km special and we're at 38 or 40°C right now, so it's definitely been a hot one on the bike and part of the equipment, but we're here at the end of day two. Another victory there; I can't complain - it's all gone alright. I had a quick look at the time on the thing, but I'm not too sure of the gap. It's only early days so it's just nice and smooth and consistent for the rest of the week and looking forward to pushing hard the second week. It was really crazy. There were a lot of cows. It was really hard coming through all the dust there this morning. A couple of them caught me a bit by surprise. All in all, we've had a good stage and I can't complain and hopefully there's more to come. You're going along this roads that aren't more than a car width's wide and if a cow steps out from behind one of the trees or the bushes it's not going to be too pretty, but you've already got enough to do than think about that when you're on the bike in the middle of the stage. But when you're sitting here right now you just think that was really wild. All is good and I'm ready to go for another day. We have more kangaroos back home than cows, but I'd rather pick on a kangaroo a little bit more than a cow, but all in all, I got through it."

Ricky Brabec (Honda) 7th - Stage 2- "I think that today was maybe the fastest day of the Dakar. We really couldn’t go much faster than we went today. It’s crazy, it’s so hot outside and we are trying to save our machines but we are also trying to push them. You don’t want to blow your wheels up and get stuck out there with the cows. I was trying to hit all the mud holes to get cooler water onto the wheels. I got to the finish line safe, rode well and hit all the notes. So, I’m already to go again tomorrow. Tomorrow is 364 kilometres so it would be nice to just hang out and not navigate as much."

2017 Dakar Rally Stage 2 Top 10 Results

1. Price (AUS-KTM) 02:37.32

2. Goncalves (PRT-Honda) -03.51

3. De Soultrait (FRA-Yam) -04.06

4. Sunderland (GBR-KTM) -04.19

5. Quintanilla (CHL-Husqvarna) -04.48

6. Svitko (SVK-KTM) -04.54

7. Brabec (USA-KTM) -05.40

8. Barreda Bort (ESP-Honda) -06.25

9. Farres Guell (ESP-KTM) -07.26

10. Faggoter (AUS-Yam) -07.50

2017 Dakar Rally – Stage 2 Results

2017 Dakar Rally Overall Standings

1. Price 03:07.17

2. Goncalves 03:10.11

3. Sunderland 03:10.40

4. De Soultrait 03:10.58

5. Quintanilla 03:11.43

6. Brabec 03:11.46

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