Hi-Power Cycles Releases its Typhoon eBike alongside a video of that same bike battling an Alfa Romeo 4C sportcar through SoCal traffic.

Hi-Power Cycles (HPC) of Chatsworth, CA, has released a new “half dirt bike, half e-bike hybrid," that is called the 2017 Typhoon. Imagined, designed and hand-built in the U.S. with adventure seekers in mind, HPC’s newest, most robust and heavy duty off road electric mountain bike features a large diameter and high torque motor system with gear reductions that allow riders to easily conquer all types of trails and steep terrain.

Expertly crafted with a high strength frame and 3-inch all-terrain tires, the versatile Typhoon has the look and capabilities of a gas-powered dirt bike, without the heavy machinery, noisy engine or hassle and pollution of gasoline. The Typhoon can attain a top speed of up to 42 mph* on the 6000W version to provide the ultimate thrill, and also offers up to 160 lb-ft. of torque, allowing it to explore areas almost no other e-bikes can.

“Our new 2017 Typhoon offers adrenaline junkies and outdoorsmen the best of both worlds: the sleek, lightweight frame of an e-bike with the torque and power of a dirt bike,” said co-founder and President of Hi-Power Cycles, Chris Hunt. “It was designed for longer, more exhilarating rides and can tame a wide variety of terrain with ease. HPC also offers a level of customization that is almost unheard of in the industry, making this new model unmatched in terms of quality and performance.”

HPC is committed to providing every rider with the ultimate in hands-on customer service and high-caliber, completely customized e-bikes. Additionally, the brand has partnered with celebrated suspension engineering company, DVO Suspension, to individually tailor the geometry of each Typhoon e-bike to the rider’s specifications and comfort.

*Hi-Power Cycles complies with U.S. federal law and limits each bike at purchase to 20 mph and 750W; however, full performance for off-road or private property use can be achieved through computer or three-speed switch. The base model Typhoon starts at $5,999. To learn more about the Typhoon and additional electric bicycle models offered by Hi-Power Cycles,

visit www.hi-powercycles.com.

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