Piaggio Group Americas, the parent company that owns Moto Guzzi, just announced a recall of some of its most popular models due to the possibility of leaky brake lines.

According to a report put together by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Piaggio announced the recall of more than 1,100 bikes due to a brake line routing issue that could cause the line to spring a leak. The models affected include 2017 V7 III Racer 750, V7 III Stone 750, and V7 III Special 750 models. It also includes a handful of 2016-2017 V9 Bobber and V9 Roamer models. The problem is, apparently, that the front brake lines could rub against a connector for the engine's secondary air system. Eventually, the constant rubbing might cause the line to leak, which would drastically reduce the brake system's efficiency.

In the recall report on their website, NHTSA stated that, "A loss of brake fluid can lengthen the distance needed to stop the motorcycle, increasing the risk of a crash," which is, you know, a master class in understatement. As my colleague Chris put it, "Yup. When you're stuck relying on nothing but Newton's First Law of Motion and the soles of your boots, it may indeed lengthen the distance needed to stop."

PGA said that it will notify Guzzi owners regarding the recall, and that dealers will secure the brake lines to prevent them rubbing on the SAS connector. In addition, any hose that is already damaged will be replaced free of charge by the dealer. Piaggio encouraged Guzzi owners to call their customer service line at 212-380-4433 with any questions regarding the recall. Any Guzzi owner who isn't sure their bike qualifies for the recall can also visit NHTSA.gov and enter their VIN to search for any recalls that might apply.

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