Drag a Knee - Save a Rider - MotoAmerica/PRE Airfence Promotion

MotoAmerica has announced that the Performance Riding Experience (PRE) Trackdays “Airfence Saves Lives” Exhibition will run in conjunction with the MotoAmerica Championship of Virginia at Virginia International Raceway (VIR), May 12-14, to help bring awareness to the importance of soft barriers.

PRE has held fundraisers for Airfence since its inception in 2014, raising a total of $79,175 and purchasing 34 sections of Airfence Bike Evo for use at VIR. John Allen and Mike Rue, the founders of PRE, along with a dedicated group of supporters, were also involved with fundraisers prior to their work with PRE, bringing the total to $137,675 raised and 73 sections purchased and split between VIR and Road Atlanta. These sections are available for use by all groups renting the facilities, including MotoAmerica.

“We’re very excited to have been asked to be a part of the MotoAmerica Superbike Championship of Virginia,” Allen said. “For many years we’ve been involved with the Roadracing World Action Fund by raising money and providing Airfence to race tracks. With the help of MotoAmerica, we are expanding our focus to include educating more people on why Airfence is so important. The second message we want to convey is that if our small organization can make a big impact on track safety, you can too. So get involved.”

“We’re pleased to have Performance Riding Experience be a part of our weekend at VIR,” said MotoAmerica partner Chuck Aksland. “Like MotoAmerica and the Roadracing World Action Fund, PRE sees the importance of soft barriers and what it means to the safety of our riders – whether they are the stars of MotoAmerica or a rider out enjoying a track day. We’re looking forward to a safe and exciting MotoAmerica Championship of Virginia at VIR and hope to see you all there.”

Drag a Knee - Save a Rider - MotoAmerica/PRE Airfence Promotion

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