The 2017 Touratech Rally is looking for Trail Leaders to guide participants around the state of Washington and Pennsylvania during the summers two big rides

Do You Have What It Takes? Touratech Calls for Rally Leader Volunteers

Touratech, manufacturers of specialized off-road gear, has put out the call for Rally Ride Lead Volunteers for events in the West and East Coast of the United States.

The June 22-25 Touratech Rally West in Plain, Washington, is reportedly the largest ADV Motorcycle Rally in the United States, with extraordinary trail riding in the Cascade Mountains. Meanwhile, the August 17-20 Touratech Rally East in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, isn't expected to be as big this year, but that may change if its popularity continues to grow at the rate of past years. The riding in Central Pennsylvania is terrific and challenging. If you're in either area this summer, the company would love to talk to you.

Touratech are looking for skilled riders who have lots of experience with GPS Tracks; local knowledge is always a plus, but not a requirement. Every Ride Leader will attend the Touratech Rally at no charge and will receive a sweet Exclusive SWAG Package from Touratech. One can only imagine what it might include, but we expect it to be worth the effort.


Do You Have What It Takes? Touratech Calls for Rally Leader Volunteers

If you've got the riding chops and want to be part of the 2017 Touratech Rally team this summer, here’s how to get in touch. For Rally West info, contact For the Pennsylvania event, contact

You never know who you might meet up with at a Touratech Rally. Maybe we can pull away from our desk for a few days and actually ride one of these with you guys. Hopefully, we'll see you on the trail.

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