Sena Technologies, an industry leader in Bluetooth communications systems, has announced the release of the Sena 30K Mesh Intercom Communication System. The company touts the new gear as a way for riders to simplify the communication process with a more user-friendly setup. It also adds a roster of self-healing and self-optimizing features that eliminate worries about who’s connected to whom, and whether or not you’re out of range.

Sena calls the Mesh System “the future of motorcycle communication.” With one click of a button, riders can instantly connect with an unlimited number of riders within a mile using the public mode feature. Using the private mode, riders can create a group with up to 16 companions at a range of up to 1.2 miles, and any number of guests can listen in. When riding with five or more users, the Mesh Intercom will intelligently keep the group connected at a range of up to 5 miles. The private mode allows an endless amount of guest mesh users to listen in on the conversation as well.

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And with the 30K you won't have to leave Bluetooth users behind, because the system houses Mesh and Bluetooth processors which allow both functions to work in conjunction with each other. Each 30K allows for Bluetooth pairings with a smartphone and GPS as well as three other Bluetooth devices, while the device itself acts as bridge to bring all Bluetooth intercom users into the Mesh group. This way, 30K riders can still intercom via Mesh with Bluetooth only headsets such as the 20S EVO, 10S, or 10R.

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The 30K packs the same popular features of previous Sena devices such as Audio Multitasking, the ability to take phone calls, listen to music, hear turn-by-turn GPS directions, built-in FM Radio, and Advanced Noise Control. The 30K also incorporates a new quick charge feature that allows for three hours of Mesh Intercom use or five hours of Bluetooth Intercom with just 20 minutes of charge time. Also, users may conveniently manage and navigate through the 30K's many features with the 30K Utility App.


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