Chinese electric bike maker Evoke has been producing their flagship Urban S for about three years now. This year, the company plans to unveil their new Urban Classic at Milan. The Classic is expected to share the S model platform with reconfigured styling in the cruiser/bobber mode.

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With the Urban Classic, the Beijing-based company plans to extend its marketing range in both Europe and the United States. The current Urban S features a 19 kW motor in the rear hub, drawing power from a Samsung lithium-ion battery pack with a maximum capacity of 8.7 kWh. Top speed is listed at 81 miles per hour, with a city range of 124 miles, and highway range of 75 miles. Posted recharge time is three hours, and battery life is reportedly 124,000 miles.

“Evoke’s Urban S is a European-style, zero emission electric motorcycle. Boasting 200 kilometers of range and impressive acceleration, it is the ideal smart motorcycle to navigate urban settings. It is the first electric motorcycle with precision braking, with both front and rear brakes on the handlebar, tech-enabled accessories, such as built-in navigation, and a clutchless design making it the perfect vehicle for cityscapes and countryside rides alike.”

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The Urban Classic's specs are currently unknown, but it will likely share the same regenerative braking, adjustable suspension, dual 300mm front discs, LED lights, and infotainment system as the Urban S.

“The ability to simplify stems from perfection," the company said in a recent statement. "Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. Take away your carbon footprint, complexity and risk, and what you’re left with is Evoke’s flagship smart electric motorcycle, the Urban S."

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How Evoke's bikes compare to existing offerings from companies like Zero remains to be seen, but more diversity in the electric bike market can't be a bad thing.

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