Harley has a thing for dramatic-sounding engine names. First there was the Evolution which, fair enough, was a huge development that earned its name. Then came the V-Rod's Revolution engine which, again, was a massive change for Harley. After the Revolution came the Street line's tough-sounding Revolution X, an engine clearly aimed at The Youths since it has a cool sounding X in the name. Now, according to a recent trademark filing, there is the Revelation.

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Wait, what? Does St. John the Divine work for Harley now? Well, no. Apparently the "Revelation" is some kind of new Harley powerplant. A new powerplant from Harley? Didn't we just get the Milwaukee Eight? Well hold on there, buckaroo. If you look real close at the trademark filing, you'll see that it was filed for an electric powerplant. In the first section there, under the Statements heading, it states that the Revelation trademark is for, "Batteries for vehicles; electric batteries for powering electric vehicles; battery chargers; powertrains for vehicles; engines for motorcycles; transmissions for motorcycles' electric drives for vehicles". As The Dude would say, that's interesting... that's very interesting, man.

Is Harley-Davidson's New Electric Motor a Revelation?

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So, is Revelation the name of Harley's new electric mill? Maybe. The company did make a huge splash recently when it announced that Project LiveWire is back on and that electric bikes will be rolling out of showrooms within 18 months. It makes sense then that the company would be filing all sorts of electric bike-related trademarks as the new electric bike comes to fruition. Also, the name "Revelation" is definitely the business. It goes well with the other fancy names, and honestly, an electric mill from Harley is a revelation.

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We'll be keeping an eye on this development, since we do love electric bikes around here, and if we hear anything else you'll be the first to hear about it.

Source: The Drive.

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