New vehicle classification means motorcycle endorsement no longer required to drive autocycles like the Polaris Slingshot in Mississippi

Thanks to a new ruling by the Mississippi lege, residents of the Magnolia State can now legally drive “autocycles” like the Polaris Slingshot sans motorcycle endorsement. This makes Mississippi the 43rd US state where driving an autocycle only necessitates a class C license, thanks to three-wheelers that have traditionally been classified as motorcycles being redesigned to “autocycles”.

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“We have worked hand-in-hand with state lawmakers to showcase the unique attributes of Slingshot which offer a side-by-side driving experience and steering wheel to operate which doesn’t fit into traditional classifications,” Josh Fulkerson, senior director of the Polaris Slingshot told The Drive in a recent email.

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Though wearing a motorcycle helmet is still required, Polaris hopes the new classification will help the company reach a wider market, making it an important priority for the American manufacturer.

“The list of no-endorsement states has grown exponentially the last 12 months – we hope to add a few more by summer – and we continue to work diligently with lawmakers to reclassify Slingshot operation in those last few remaining states,” said Fulkerson.

A map showing what US states require a motorcycle endorsement to pilot an autocycle.

A map showing what US states require a motorcycle endorsement to pilot an autocycle.

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The reclassification doesn’t just benefit Polaris though. Companies like Vanderhall  are also reaping the rewards from the new endorsement laws. The Polaris website has a handy page that shows what US states require a motorcycle endorsement versus a standard driver’s endorsement. With only a few states left to go, it seems like it won’t be long until the entire country only needs a class C license to run about in a Slingshot.

Photos courtesy of Polaris

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