A Florida man was out for a ride with his lady friend when a series of unfortunate events led to him crashing his bike and shooting himself in the leg.

Maybe secure your strap a little better next time, my dude

From the Adding Insult to Injury Files comes a story out of Brevard County, Florida, wherein a rider crashes his bike and is then shot in the leg by his own pistol.

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According to The Miami Herald, Brian Alexander and Alexis Travis were out for a spin on Alexander's 1984 Honda (sadly, bike's model wasn't identified) on the evening of April 12. For some unknown reason, Alexander lost control of the bike and hit a curb on New Haven Avenue near West Melbourne, Florida. On impact, Alexander and Travis were thrown from the bike as it pinwheeled into a thrift store parking lot. When Alexander hit the ground, a pistol he was wearing in a holster on his hip discharged and hit him in the leg. Ouch.

It's definitely a sportbike, but aside from that we can't tell what Honda this is.

It's definitely a sportbike, but aside from that we can't tell what Honda this is.

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Florida Highway Patrol and other first responders arrived on scene soon after the crash and took the situation in hand. Alexander and Travis were rushed to nearby Holmes Regional Medical Center for treatment. FHP reports that both were admitted to the hospital with serious, but not life-threatening injuries. Alexander was a little worse for wear than Travis though since, you know, he took a round in the leg. FHP also stated that the fact that both Alexander and Travis were wearing helmets helped minimize the severity of their injuries.

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Now, there's no word on the make or model of Alexander's piece. Seems weird that it'd just discharge like that. Maybe the pistol was damaged or faulty? When asked about it, resident firearms expert Jason just shrugged and said, "I don't know, man. If it's not on the Curios and Relics list I couldn't speculate. Maybe it was a Taurus?"

Whatever the case, we wish both Alexander and Travis speedy recoveries. Also, we suggest maybe not going strapped on the next ride.

Source: The Miami Herald, WKMG

Crash site photo courtesy of Greg Pallone/News 13

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