Motorcycle manufacturers love to use marketing that shows riders embarking on unique adventures in exotic locals. The truth is, the vast majority of us probably won’t ever take part in these picturesque rides and/or adventures, but the same can’t be said for Andrew Szeto and Tom Pajdlhauser. The two Canadians recently posted a roughly minute long video to YouTube that captures the kind of excitement and adventure that motorcycle marketing always strives to recreate.

The video shows the two friends pack up their Kawasaki KLR650s, strap on their skateboards, and head out on a ride to a special place the two reportedly spent a lot of time at as kids. Their trip takes them through various city roads before they leave the tarmac and set out to traverse some untamed off-road terrain before finally arriving at their destination. According to Szeto, a section of rock was carved out of a glacial formation over thousands of years, resulting in something of a natural skate park—though he does add the rock formation is “incredibly difficult to skate”.

Getting there and back is seemingly half the fun

The two don’t reveal the exact location of the skatespot beyond saying it’s located somewhere near Ottawa, Canada. While I may be a little biased having grown up skating, I love everything about this video. It shows motorcycles being used for adventure and camaraderie, the production quality and drone shots are awesome, the music choice is pretty solid, it’s short, sweet, to the point, and it genuinely conveys a sense of fun. With all the videos we share of bikers crashing, or having other less-than-awesome experiences, it’s nice to see a video where everyone has fun and goes home safe.

A drone shot of a halfpipe-esque section of rock

The video is a little over a minute long so I highly recommend you give it a quick view. Also, if you’re interested in following the Instagram exploits of these two, you can click here to check out Andrew Szeto’s IG or Tom Pajdlhauser’s IG.

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