The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer, and riders across the northern hemisphere are getting ready to put our bikes away for the winter. While they’re parked, it’s a great time for winter maintenance—and BMW has a line of key products to help BMW owners take care of their bikes. 

From a colorful M garage mat to protect your floor from fluid drips to a compact foot pump to help you fill your tires on the go, there’s a range of helpful supplies and accessories to help you make the most of your down time in the garage. Let’s take a look. 

No matter what kind of TLC your bike needs, getting access is much easier with the added stability of solid front and rear stands to hold your bike up—not to mention exactly where you put it. BMW Motorrad offers both regular and sport rear workstands, as well as a front sport workstand. BMW adds that the front sport workstand will not work without the rear one in use, as well. 

BMW Motorrad Motorcycle Mat
BMW Motorrad Sport Workstand - Rear

The BMW motorcycle mat isn’t just for looks—although if you like the M performance logo, you’ll probably like its looks quite a bit. It’s also anti-slip, fire retardant—and is meant to protect your floor from any of the inevitable oil and chemical drips that happen when you do your own maintenance.  

If you like to do an oil change and maybe a final clean and polish before you put your bike away for the winter, BMW has Advantec Pro and Ultimate engine oil, which was exclusively developed to work in BMW’s engines. The Pro comes in 15W-50 weight, while the Ultimate comes in 5W-40 weight. There’s also an Advantec fuel additive to help protect your engine from damage when your bike is sitting for long periods of time. A range of cleaners and polishes help you get all the bugs and dirt off so your bike is nice and clean for its slumber. 

Gallery: BMW Motorrad Winter Maintenance Accessories

Of course, any winter storage regimen wouldn’t be complete without battery care. After all, no one wants to get excited about their first ride next season, only to find a flat battery that they have to replace before they can even go out. BMW’s Battery Charger Plus offers controlled charging of lead acid, rechargeable gel, and lithium-ion batteries that are 12V and have capacities between 6 and 60 amp hours. 

If your BMW lives outside, BMW has you covered there, as well—literally, even. Its waterproof cover is vented and adjustable, and has a clear viewing window you can put over your license plate if your bike is parked on the street. There’s also a nice, compact foot pump for all your tire inflation needs, any time of year. 

Whether it’s a gift for yourself or for that special BMW owner in your life, there’s a whole range of practical bike care goodies here for you to round out your collection. 

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