Motorcyclists have a variety of lean angle measurements at their disposal. For instance, peg feelers are early indicators that you’re reaching optimum lean on a cruiser. Knee pucks serve the same function on a sportbike. Of course, crashing is also a form of measurement, but most of us would like to avoid collecting data that way. To that point, German electronics brand X-Log wants to help riders safely reach their full potential with the KurvX lean angle indicator.

All riders know that there’s a large gap between fully-upright and touching down on the tarmac. Attaining the knowledge, skills, and confidence required to slide knees, or even elbows, takes time, practice, and patience. For most, it’s a nebulous process that heavily relies on “feel” and micro-doses of panic. X-Log believes that the KurvX can help demystify the long and arduous road to maximum lean angle by collecting data and helping the rider progress incrementally.

KurvX - Mounted

Wired to the motorcycle's battery and mounted on the handlebars, the device measures current acceleration and incline values and compares those data points to the rider’s previous high/low marks. Once the user exceeds their past lean angle threshold, the KurvX’s LEDs flash as a warning. The flashing intensifies if the bike banks even further and illuminates continuously when lean angles are no longer safe. With the step-by-step approach, users can exceed their limits in a comfortable manner with the device alerting them to each misstep, plateau, and achievement.

Aside from the warning system, the KurvX displays the lean angle the rider reached on the previous curve and reports full data when paired with an Android device. Using 4.0, the indicator relays vital figures to a smartphone or tablet running the KurvX app. Armed with that information, riders can evaluate areas for improvement and attack them in a controlled manner. Unfortunately, those with iPhones will have to wait a little longer for the KurvX app, as X-Log is currently developing a version for the iOS platform.

At €249 ($292 USD), the KurvX is an affordable and safe way to increase one’s comfort and ability on a motorbike. Perfect for beginning street or track riders, the device enables riders to know their limits with concrete data and visual feedback. The KurvX may just be another lean angle measurement at our disposal, but it sure is cheaper than a set of plastics, new leathers, or a totaled bike.

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