[CORRECTION: In an earlier version of this piece, I neglected to include the Lightning LS-218 in its rightful place. That error is now corrected. Please enjoy this more accurate list, as of the time of writing.]

Having buckets of power on tap almost immediately is one of the most exciting aspects of electric motorcycle ownership. We’ve now reached a point where new model announcements keep popping up from a load of companies that are just entering the bike-making fray on a fairly regular basis. However, most of these models tend to be aimed more squarely at everyday commuting needs, and aren’t necessarily mad with power.  

Those few bikes at the top of the power pyramid are also, perhaps unsurprisingly, toward the top end of the price pyramid as well. Are they worth the money? Appraisers can offer you one type of value judgment, but your personal combination of needs, desires, and appreciation for what individual bikes have to offer is often what drives the hearts of riders. In other words, numbers on paper (or in a motorcycle news site slideshow) can tell you one story, but only you know the true answer to this question for your own purposes. It’s worth noting that all figures contained in this slideshow represent current manufacturer claims at the time of writing. 

5 Most Powerful Electric Motorcycles on the Market 

  • 2020 Zero SR/F and SR/S 
  • 2020 Energica Eva Ribelle 
  • 2020 Energica Ego and Ego + 
  • Damon Hypersport HS and Premier 
  • Lightning LS-218
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