If ever a paint color looked like someone twirled a color wheel and took their inspiration from Laffy Taffy, it would be the Velvet Violet factory paint scheme on this 1993 BMW R100GS. Friends, let me tell you something about me: I love purple. Seriously, if it’s a color choice for a jacket or handheld electronics, you can probably bet that I’ll get the purple one every time. That being said, even I think this bike is way too much purple in one place. Evidently, the early ‘90s were an absolutely wild time in Munich.

That assessment goes up exponentially when you look at the photos with the slightly lighter purple and black bicolor saddle in place. Listed on Bring a Trailer, this bike comes with both the stock saddle and a Corbin saddle, so the choice is yours: purple and black, or all black. It also comes with engine guards and a center stand, if you can pry your eyes away from the paint.

Gallery: 1993 BMW R100GS

You get BMW’s 980cc boxer engine, five-speed transmission, shaft drive, paralever rear swingarm and monoshock, 40 millimeter Marzocchi front forks, and a front disc and rear drum brake setup. Wire wheels come shod in Shinko Trail Master E-705 tires with 2014 date codes on them. The odometer currently has 13,000 miles on it, and it has a clean Arizona title. 

All that being said, my eyes aren’t your eyes, and that’s part of what makes this shared interest of ours excellent. For example, I love Triumph’s Roulette Green, and I’m sure that some people probably can’t stand the sight of it. Having now seen photos of a 1993 R100GS PD in Velvet Violet and Alpine White, I think the real problem with the regular GS isn’t the color itself, it’s that there’s just a bit too much of it.

If you’re a person who absolutely loves this color on this bike, the current bid is up to $2,000 over at Bring A Trailer at the time of writing. The auction ends on March 4, 2020, so you have a few days to think about it before you commit.

Source: Bring A Trailer

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