If you’ve got $35,000 that you absolutely have to spend on Indian Scouts this holiday season, I’ve got some good news for you. Indian Motorcycle, in collaboration with luxury goods maker Tiffany & Co., Wagner Motorsports, and Barnstorm Cycles, has teamed up to create one bespoke Indian Scout to stick under what must obviously be your extremely ginormous tree. 

What sets this Scout apart from the garden-variety Scouts that you can simply buy at your local Indian dealer? Exclusivity, of course. That $35K gets you custom-laced wheels, that inimitable Tiffany Blue (that’s trademarked, folks) paint scheme, vintage-tread tires, a custom stainless steel exhaust, Tiffany-designed engine covers, and a special Tiffany sterling silver plaque on the front fender. 

Only one of these bikes currently exists, or will ever exist, according to Tiffany. If you’re interested, you can reach out to Tiffany’s Gift Concierge to find out more details and arrange to purchase it. 

If you don’t care about Tiffany and simply want to spend that $35K that’s burning a hole in your pocket on modern Indian Scouts, your cash will go a bit further. For example, you can get yourself and the love of your life (or your BFF, we’re not picky) two matching Indian Scout 100th Anniversary editions for just under $32K. 

With just a $500 difference in MSRP between the regular Indian Scout and the Scout Bobber Twenty, you could also get two of either of those (or mix and match) and still have cash left for shiny accessories, gas, and maybe a very fancy dinner at your favorite restaurant. 

Looking for stocking stuffers for those rapscallion grandkids of yours? May we suggest three Indian Scout Bobbers that’ll only set you back $33K? Or, if it’s gonna take four moto gifts to pull your sleigh up to the family estate come Christmas morning, how about the nearly four Scout Sixty bikes you could buy for that chunk of change? I mean, four of those run just $36K. If you’re already at $35, what’s another grand, anyway? 

Source: Tiffany & Co.

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