Tales of motorcycle theft are often extremely infuriating. If bike owners do manage to get their bikes back, they’re often significantly worse for wear—and that’s considered a relatively good-case scenario. More often, those bikes are just totally gone, never to be seen again. If you were attached to that bike, you’re simply SOL. 

Anti-theft measures can be some help, but truly determined and talented thieves might still find ways to make off with your prized two-wheeled baby. After all, there’s always the fact that a couple of thieves with a reasonable amount of strength and a truck or van can simply pick up many bikes, toss them in their waiting vehicle, and take them somewhere away from prying eyes while they figure out how to get them running. 

Still, we have to try, don’t we? I mean, theoretically, all of your stuff could potentially be stolen. We just all take the precautions we feel are most prudent in our situations to guard against theft. If we’re reasonably lucky, our stuff makes it back home with us—and no one robs our homes while we’re out. Good for us, right?

Anyway, back to motorcycles. One common anti-theft recommendation is always brake disc locks. On the face of it, this seems like a reasonably good idea. Assuming that your bike isn’t spotted by thievery teams with trucks, it makes a lot of sense. After all, anyone trying to ride your bike away from the scene can’t go anywhere without getting that lock off first, right?

As this video chillingly demonstrates, all brake disc locks are not created equal. Cheap zinc alloy brake disc locks abound, and you absolutely shouldn’t waste your money on one of these. Why? They’re incredibly easy to break, as is readily demonstrated in just a couple of minutes above. A knowledgeable thief doesn’t even need power tools to do it—just a couple of simple and non-bulky hand tools will suffice. 

Unfortunately, there’s no 100-percent guaranteed way to safeguard your bike from ever being stolen. All kinds of unforeseen circumstances could theoretically happen—and often do. 

That being said, a hardened steel brake disc lock will cost you a bit more, but is at least a somewhat stronger theft deterrent than a zinc one. If you’re gonna spend the money on a disc lock in the first place, this video amply illustrates why you shouldn’t waste it on a false sense of security. The ones that also have alarms might not be a bad idea, either, but are still no guarantee.

Source: YouTube

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