Safely riding a motorcycle requires absolute concentration, and it goes without saying that the more comfortable you are on said motorcycle, the easier it is to stay completely focused on the task at hand. Here are five ways to easily improve any bike's comfort factor.

Airhawk Seat Cushion

1. Seat Cushion

An easy way to instantly improve the overall comfort of your bike is to upgrade your seat or purchase a padded cushion. While there are many different seat cushion options out there, the Airhawk seating system is a favorite of ours. Utilizing technology originally developed for wheelchair users, the Airhawk Cushion uses interconnecting air cells to distribute weight over the entire surface area of the pad. What you get is an extremely comfortable seat that helps reduce painful pressure points.


2. CrampBuster

The Crampbuster is not your traditional cruise control gadget. Rather than use a throttle lock, the CrampBuster controls acceleration using palm pressure. This allows you to stretch out your hand and give your wrist a rest. This is a cheap and easy way to prevent wrist fatigue and hand numbness, especially on longer rides.


3. Camelbak

Staying hydrated is an important thing to do in general. Whether you’re crossing the Mojave or just cruising around town, having a Camelbak or a backpack equipped with a reservoir will keep you hydrated. Staying hydrated will help you focus and stay comfortable throughout your ride.

Answer Evap Shorts

4. Cycle Shorts/Compression Apparel

Riding for long periods of time can be a rather sweaty endeavor, especially if it’s hot out. Wearing cycle shorts can help repel moisture, prevent chaffing and improve overall comfort. Same goes for compression apparel like Under Armour. The general idea is that the right amount of compression helps circulation and muscle support, thus preventing fatigue and soreness.

We recommend Howard Leight max Lite Earplugs

5. Earplugs

Regardless of how loud your pipes may or may not be, earplugs are important when it comes to preventing hearing loss and increasing comfort. Over time, wind noise can take its toll and lead to permanent hearing loss. In terms of more immediate comfort, wearing earplugs will help reduce wind noise and will also keep you more focused. By reducing noise inside your helmet you can slow the onset of fatigue and even prevent headaches.

How do you add comfort to your ride?

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