Ask RideApart: East Coast Ride Tips And A Middleweight That Handles Like A 250We're turning reader questions over to RideApart readers. This week:...

We're turning reader questions over to RideApart readers. This week: What's a good bike to buy following a CBR250? And, what are some good road trip destinations in the Mid Atlantic?

Linda asks:

"I have had my Honda CR250 for a year now. I love this bike however it obviously is lacking in passing power. Do you have any recommendations for a bike that handles like the 250 (nimble and agile, light) and is physically smaller? I’m a smaller person (120 pounds) and gravitate to smaller bikes – most things are way too large for me. I also want something that I can throw gear on for longer traveling – no supersports for me please – I want a real world driver that can do it all.

I’m looking at the following:

- Street Triple (non-R)

- Ducati monster 696 or 620

- Honda CBR 500

- KTM 690 Duke (reservations due to upright posture and small travelling range between fill ups)

- Triumph Thruxton – OR Moto Guzzi v7 Stone à these may feel clunky?

- Used SV650

- Used BMW 650

Any opinions or other suggestions are very appreciated. I know this is a lot to ask and I love your reviews.

Thanks very much!"

And Richard wants help making plans for his upcoming visit to Washington DC:

"Love your site and more importantly appreciate your honest reviews of motorbikes - a true rarity these days it seems.

Anyway, I'm an avid motorcyclist from Australia and the proud owner of a 2010 Street Triple.

But enough blabbing on. I'm planning on hiring a bike in the USA and doing a 10 day road trip on the East Coast starting from DC. I understand that you are a predominately west coast based outfit, but I was hoping you may have some gems that are worth checking out. Looking primarily for nice windy tarmac roads.

Thanks in advance for the help.

And proof that I do ride bikes - here's my wee little triple loaded to the hilt!"

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