Ask RideApart: First Bike For A Tall Rider And Motorcycle Dash CamsWe're turning our reader's questions over to RideApart readers. This week: What's...

We're turning our reader's questions over to RideApart readers. This week: What's the best first bike for a very tall rider? And, what's the best dash cam for two-wheeled use?

Jonathan (pictured) asks: "Here's not only a possible topic for forum discussion but one that poses a problem specific to motorcycle riders.

It's easy enough to find dash cam reviews specific to automotive use, but try finding enough quality information to make obvious choices for motorcycles and it gets much fuzzier.

As motorcyclists we ofter get prejudged by law enforcement, car drivers, onlookers, medical staff (if you are one so unfortunate) and having footage of an incident can and may be the only way of proving your case in court should it get that far.

Riding in inclement weather, getting pasted by bugs, road grime, etc. makes finding a durable, quality dash cam for daily commuting a much bigger problem than I thought. Auto on/off, looping record function, 720dpi, weather protected lens & body, small/discreet mounting options,vibration resistant, etc. are only some of the things that are needed but I'm having a hard time finding something that fits the bill?


And Andrew wants your help picking out his first new bike: "First off, thanks for all the content you have created, its provided enough information in a usable format that I'm finally ready to move from bicycle to motorcycle!

That said, Im having a hard time choosing a first bike. Im a tall rider (6'4", 34" inseam, 175lbs) looking for something I can use almost daily, but that will still be fun on weekend trips to some of the twisty roads hidden in Minnesota/Wisconsin.

Being that Ive ridden a bicycle for most of my life, a lot of the control seems natural already, just a lot more weight to work with. Ive also become accustomed to silly power with a car habit I can no longer afford(650hp Subaru). I understand this has no direct translation to the way a bike behaves, and it will probably take 10 years to really learn proper motorcycle riding technique. Rather, Im trying to illustrate Ive faced at least some of the challenges riding presents, particularly dealing with city traffic.

My thinking so far:

Triumph Street Triple

Triumph Scrambler

Triumph Tiger 800

Honda CB500X

Moto Guzzi V7

Suzuki DR-Z400


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