Starting a new riding season right.

Can you smell it? I do. Though for some of us, there is still some of that white stuff covering the grass, there’s a little smell of Spring in the air and it's time to start getting ready for yet another awesome riding season. Obviously, it won’t be another few weeks or so until the new season actually kicks in, but the most impatient among us are already shining their leathers in delight (laughing maniacally?).

For those of us who don’t currently own a motorcycle or who just getting started, Spring can be a little bitter-sweet. Getting on a bike is no cheap feat and the budget must accommodate this costly yet addictive habit—but as science has proven, one that is much healthier than drugs.

Buying a bike doesn’t have to be expensive, provided you’re cool with not having a shiny new 2019 model-year between your knees. To hopefully inspire some of you to get back in the saddle (or on it for the first time), we dug out ten great used bikes for $1,500 or less.