We all have our favorites when it comes to a good pair of jeans and how we like them to fit. I’m a woman, and a short one at that (5’3”, with an approximately 27-inch inseam). That comes with its own set of challenges when it comes to finding jeans that fit comfortably and well. 

Add in the additional variables that go into finding a well-fitting pair of motorcycle jeans that seem likely to offer decent protection in the event of a crash, and it gets even tougher. Sure, there are a lot more options available in 2024 than there may have been in the past. But how many meet any kind of independently-reviewed safety review criteria while still fitting well and being comfortable? You see the problem.

To be totally clear, I’m located in the US, where we don’t really believe in a unified theory of acceptable safety criteria for motorcycle gear. While there’s no perfect motorcycle gear bubble that will magically protect you from every single possibility of an injury, it’s all a game of calculated risk. 

Each time we suit up and get on our bikes, we do our best calculations of risk mitigation while still wanting to go out, have fun, and live our lives.

And honestly, non-riders do this to a different degree as well. Your chances of getting hit by a bus might be low where you are, but in many cases, they’re not zero. You simply do everything you can to avoid it, and most of the time, you probably do. It’s an extreme example, to be sure, but it’s not totally unlike what riders wearing gear do when they get ready to go out on their bikes.

Enter the Roadskin Taranis Elite Ladies motorcycle jeans.

Riding in Roadskin Taranis Elite Moto Jeans

Riding in Roadskin Taranis Elite Moto Jeans

Hey, These Could Work

Now, lots of people have lots of different body shapes. Some women can wear men’s motorcycle gear and have it fit them well. But unfortunately for me, I’m not one of them—and a lot of other women aren’t, either. 

That’s why it’s nice when companies like Roadskin spare us a thought and take the time to design gear to fit the different shapes and sizes that women have. After all, protective gear only stands a chance of protecting you if it fits you well in the first place. If your gear and the armor in it are sliding around all over the place, or the armor doesn’t sit where it should to protect the appropriate joints (or your spine, if it’s a jacket), then what good is it?

Roadskin is a UK-based motorcycle gear company that offers a variety of items for both men and women. While, as I noted above, the US doesn’t really have a unified safety standard that motorcycle gear must meet to be sold here, I and many other US riders aren’t afraid to consult the safety standards that the UK and the European Union have set for their gear. 

The Roadskin Taranis Elite Ladies Motorcycle Jeans that I tested carry an AAA safety rating, certified to the EN17092 standard. They’re a single-layer jean design, with DuPont Kevlar integrated into that single layer of denim to provide abrasion resistance. Roadskin also dispensed with the rivets, so there’s less chance of inadvertently scratching your bodywork. 

They come fitted with Level 2 armor in the hips and the knees, and the knees also have two pockets so you can place the armor slightly higher or lower in order to suit your actual knee placement. So if you have long or short thighs, there’s a bit of room for accommodation.

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Sizing for the ladies version of the Roadskin Taranis Elite ranges from an 8UK/36EU to a 20UK/48EU. Furthermore, the Taranis Elite jeans come in three different leg lengths: Petite (27 inches/68 centimeters); Reg (29”/73cm); and Long (31”/78cm). As a short rider with short legs, I appreciate this fact. I’m fairly certain that my tall friends would, as well.

The fit and finish on these jeans is quite good. While they’re a single layer design, there’s a comfort liner inside to help them slide on and off with ease. There’s also a reasonable amount of stretch in them, so they fit snugly and comfortably and conform to your body once they’re on. The stitching is strong and even, and the visible stitching looks quite good. 

So far, I’ve worn these jeans on several bikes (and even some trikes), all with different seating positions and requirements for getting on and off the vehicle. The Roadskin Taranis Elite jeans have remained comfortable for long hours in the saddle, as well as walking around off the bike in between riding stints.

What About Airflow?

If you were really worried about airflow, you’d probably get some mesh overpants and a nice base layer instead. But if you want the more casual look that a good pair of moto jeans can provide, then a single-layer pair like these certainly seems like a good option. So naturally, you’ll want to know how well they do when the ambient temperatures start to rise.

If it’s really hot, I’d still recommend a cooling base layer if you can, just to optimize your comfort. But overall, I’d say the Taranis Elites aren’t bad in hotter weather. If you’re moving, as with a lot of motorcycle gear, you’ll be happier than if you’re not.

Roadskin Taranis Elite Motorcycle Jeans - Included Level 2 Armor

The provided Level 2 knee and hip armor doesn’t breathe at all, though. It might be safer, but if it’s airflow you’re concerned about (and not getting, I don’t know, sweaty knees? Are those a thing?) , you might want to swap it out for other armor that flows air. D3O and Sas-Tec both make some good options, and there are others out there as well. Some of the other armor options on the market are Level 1, and whether you’re prepared to sacrifice a little bit of safety for more airflow is really up to you.

I haven’t crashed in these jeans as of the time of writing. And as most riders do, I’m hoping not to. But if I ever do, I’ll be sure to report back on how they did. I have crashed in other motorcycle jeans before, and luckily they did their job and all I had was bruises.

My Verdict

After spending a few months wearing the Roadskin Taranis Elite women’s motorcycle jeans, I can say that they seem to fit true to size, as long as you measure yourself and consult the company’s size chart before ordering. 

Furthermore, they’re comfortable to wear both on and off the bike. You’ll definitely notice the Level 2 armor they come with when it’s inserted in the provided armor pockets, but it’s not unpleasant.

The functional exterior pockets (both front and back) are roomy and will accommodate even a modern, gigantic smartphone fairly easily. While you may want to be careful about sticking a phone in your back pocket and sitting down, that’s something you’d want to be careful about with jeans in general; not only the Roadskins.

MSRP on the Roadskin website at the time of writing is £179.99 GBP, which works out to about $225 at the time of writing. It seems like a fair price to pay for a comfortable, protective, nice looking pair of mid-rise women’s motorcycle jeans.

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