When is a full-face helmet also an open-face helmet? When it’s a Shark Evojet helmet, of course! Well, at least according to its dual European homologation as both types of lid. When you first look at it, you might not think you’re seeing something terribly different than other helmets you may have seen before, but it has one particular design surprise in store. 

The Evojet splits the difference between most full, open-face, and modular helmet designs. It opens up with a chin bar that’s attached to the bottom of the visor, but only the middle part of that chin bar comes up as you open it. The two side parts continue gripping your face on either side, so you get a combination of that open-face feeling with a little extra security around your jaw. There’s also an internal sun visor that you can drop down on those extra sunny days. 

Other features are pretty standard: plenty of ventilation, a quick-release chin-strap closure, and a removable,  washable, antimicrobial head and cheek pad/liner piece. The shell is made of thermoplastic resin, and comes in two shell sizes to cover sizes from XS to XL. It comes in your choice of seven different colorways, including both solid and dual-tone options. It’s ECE certified, and is not currently distributed or sold in North America.  

Clearly, this design is going to be divisive, with some people really liking it and others not so much. With so many different helmet designs to choose from, there’s sure to be something that suits you at a price you’re happy to pay to protect your head, and isn’t that the point? I like cracking my visor open on my full-face when I’m on a longer stop, such as refueling. I already know that I don’t prefer open-face helmets, so this probably isn’t a helmet I would choose for myself.  

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However, some people are undoubtedly going to dig this design—and if that’s you, you’ll be happy to know someone finally made a lid with your name on it. Prices seem to range from around $260 to $300 or equivalent at a quick glance, depending on both shop and colorway. 

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