Touratech has launched its new generation Aventuro Traveller helmet boasting massive amounts of airflow to help keep you cool. The modular, adventure-style helmet features a special aerodynamic peak that funnels air into a gaping vent opening designed to offer excellent cooling.

The company claims the “flow is so great that the helmet comes with a ‘low-flow’ flap that you can close to reduce airflow for riding in cooler weather”. It’s not clear in the text, but given that all helmets have a way to close the vents we assume this means the Aventuro has the ability to partially close the vent as well as fully closing it.

There are also detents in the visor which allow you to ride with the visor in four different open positions, the lowest of which is for anti fogging. An optional Pinlock anti-fog insert is also available. The chin bar will remain open even in motion, and both it and the visor openings are double-sealed with soft rubber linings to reduce noise and unwanted air intrusion.

On the subject of noise the Aventuro Traveller has pre-formed channels to accommodate a microphone, speakers, wiring, and is ready to accept most clamp-on comms devices. In helmets I’ve tested in the past those wiring and speaker cavities can produce noise but Touratech says they’ve solved that issue here. Tech heads will also appreciate the removable camera mount fitted to this helmet.

Touratech uses their Quick-Ratchet buckle instead of a double-d ring chin strap which makes for more glove-friendly use, although I personally prefer the security of a double-d.

The helmet is offered as a multi-fiber helmet in solid black or white for $649 or as a full carbon-fiber in blue/white, yellow/black or black for $749. Sizes range from XS to 3X and pricing is consistent for all sizes. The Touratech Aventuro Traveller modular helmet will ship in Winter 2020. 

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