If you love Jawa’s new bikes and you’re in India and have some spare cash handy, you’re in luck. Your favorite manufacturer just released new collections for both bike and rider to rep your fave and also accessorize to your heart’s content. While we still have no idea on when (or if) this stuff will come to the US, here's hoping it does. Anyway, if you're conveniently located to do so,  you can get started with a new bike for about rs.1.55 lakh ($2,241 USD) for a Jawa Forty Two to rs.1.64 lakh ($2,371 USD) for a Jawa in Delhi, according to India Today. Prices may of course vary depending on location.

The Jawa Rig collection features a range of chrome and matte black bits to trick out your Jawas, ranging from ₹399 to ₹1,599 ($6 to $23). Full information on all prices for individual pieces is available on Jawa’s website, but admiration and dreams can be had for the low, low price of your undivided attention by visiting the gallery below.

Gallery: Jawa Riders Collection

If your main concern is what you want to wear while riding your new Jawa, you want to check out their Riders Ensemble collection. Prices range from ₹899 ($13 USD) for any of four different shirt designs up to ₹7,499 ($109 USD) for the official Jawa Urban Enduro Sheath jacket, which comes complete with Knox CE 1 shoulder and elbow armor. 

For further information or to try on any of the Riders Ensemble, consult your local Jawa dealer if you’re lucky enough to be in the vicinity. Of course, the world is getting smaller every day—and finding online riding enthusiast communities for any and all makes is cake compared to the old days. It’s one of the great things about riding and the Internet; the fact that communities can have no borders and simply enjoy the things we love—and maybe help each other buy cool gear that we can’t get in our home countries.

Sources: Jawa Motorcycles, India Today

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