The TR-Course Out Air boot by Dainese is a multi-purpose sport riding boot with excellent protection technology derived from road racing R&D that incorporates comfort and practicality for street riders. Equipped with stout ankle and heel support, protective yet breathable materials and a simple ingress/egress system. This piece of motorcycling footwear seems to have all bases covered. After extensive track and road testing, this boot proved itself a sleeper, exceeding our initial expectations and surpassing some of the top players in the category at double the TR-Course Out Air’s price of $299.95.

The main boot structure of the TR-Course Out Air boot is comprised of perforated rawhide wrapped around the lower foot and upper heel/lower calf area with high strength microfiber surrounding the remaining shin and upper calf regions. This creates a very breathable and lightweight core structure. Overlaying these materials are external protection systems mainly comprised of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) which is the same material commonly found in impact areas of automotive interiors, high-tension drive belts and even protective cell phone cases – so you know it’s strong! These great abrasion resistance and shock absorption properties allow for the “ADC D-Axial” ankle support system, heel cup and shin guard to function so well while minimizing total unit mass and maximizing mobility. The nylon toe box and hell enclosure offer another line of defense in the especially vulnerable areas of the boot. Each safety feature hedging against injury to one of the most fragile parts of the human body in a motorcycle crash contributes towards the full CE certification of the boot.

Dainese TR-Course Out Air boot

Slipping the boot on is a quick and painless process without the hassle of a stiff inner booty or finicky strap/ratchet system. The inner booty is very breathable and flexible with a protective TPU shield reinforcing the lower calf area. Once this shield is tucked up against the calf, the exterior of the boot simply zips up the rear with a locking YKK zipper system. Though not as adjustable as traditional strapping systems, fitment around the calf can be fine-tuned by repositioning the zipper tracks on the main boot structure via Velcro. Once the boot is all “laced up”, the TR-Course Out Air is one of the most comfortable and nimble sport boots we’ve tested in recent years. The toe and ankle areas are very compact without any protruding edges to get hung up on bike parts or foreign object debris. Shifting, foot peg repositioning and weight transferring can be conducted quickly and precisely. This is not something than can be said about some of the bulky full-on road racing competitors in higher pricing tiers.

Dainese has produced a near-perfect mix of foot protection, performance and comfort with the TR-Course Out Air boot. Superior impact and abrasion defense is accomplished with an array of systems and materials proven on the race track and beyond. At the same time, comfort and convenience are addressed with the effective yet simplistic design. This well-rounded package is a functional work horse on the street as well as on the track and RideApart’s set of TR-Course Out Air boots will definitely be seeing many more miles on both beyond this test.

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