The 2015 Alpinestars MX line has been announced and it looks to be inspired by designs and colors of the late 80s early 90s BMX, time to get dirty!

Getting dirty is becoming more and more apart of our job description. Sure we could afford to get a little dirtier but since you, our readers, demand so much information at all hours of the day we have a hard time escaping the office. Luckily that's been changing so when we do get the opportunity to run away for a weekend on our bikes of choice more often than not we enjoy the no holds bar environment of Mother Nature. The new 2015 Alpinestars MX line has arrive and this got us a little excited.

Riding off-road isn't a place to make a fashion statement but when you have designs and technology working so well together you can't help but want to jump on board to showcase the newest items you hope to thrash.

News: 2015 Alpinestars MX Line Announced

The new line is full of color and mimics designs and a more contemporary color pallet of the '80s and '90s BMX gear – the good part towards the end not the left over 70s disco bit. So far Alpinestars has released new gloves for youth and adult sizes as well as pants and various jerseys. While the new MX line consists of five pants, five gloves and six new jerseys we've heard a more comprehensive 2015 line up announcement is just around the corner. So stay tuned to see what the Astars team has up their sleeve. For now enjoy some killer color of the new 2015 MX line.

News: 2015 Alpinestars MX Line Announced

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