Most people tend to have a love/hate relationship with their motocross boots. They are hot, inflexible, clumsy and unwieldy, yet they’re also invaluable if you’re seeking the best protection for your feet, ankles and shins while trail-riding or tackling the table-tops at your local motocross track.

When choosing a pair of boots, the key criteria you need to balance are comfort, protection and price. Styling is inevitably the fourth consideration, but it shouldn’t be the overriding factor.

I’ve worked my way through a number of different boots, starting with Alpinestars; I wandered over to Shift, was tempted by Gaerne and ultimately went back to A-Stars, with the Alpinestars RV2 Tech 10.

RV2 Tech 10 technology includes TPU blade system on the shin and biomechanical torsion bar Ankle Brace System to prevent over-extension of the foot and ankle

If I’m honest, the reason I left Alpinestars was because my advertised-as-repairable Tech 7s turned out to be irreparable because of their age. I invested a lot of money in them many years ago, but after I'd finally broken them in, I was disappointed to discover the promised repairs couldn’t be carried out because I’d had them too long.

Once I got over my disappointment, and after trying just about every motorcross boot I could get my foot into, I found myself shelling out for another pair of Alpinestars Tech 7. As much as I had been stung, I had to admit they were the most comfortable, offered great protection and weren’t ungodly expensive. I also like the styling, so a purchase was made.

Alpinestars RV2 Tech 10 Boots Features

Every time I considered new motocross boots, I would walk around the store in a pair of Alpinestars Tech 10 boots. It’s the equivalent of test-driving a Ferrari when you only went in to purchase a Chevrolet, but it’s always nice to see how the other half live!

The new RV2 TECH 10 owes its name to Kawasaki’s Supercross Champion, Ryan Villopoto. As an Alpinestars-sponsored rider, he wears the same boots in competition, proving their strength and support so that hacks like us can feel confident they’ll do what we need.

The list of features for these boots is as long as your arm. It starts with a leather upper and tough TPU shell, which includes a shin zone with TPU blade system to prevent frontal hyperextension and better flex control. The same material is used on the sides and rear for further reinforcement, as well as for protection of the feet, toes and Achilles tendon. The upper is attached to a dual-compound sole for grip and durability, with a multi-density foot base. There is also a new closure system that includes reinforced Velcro at the top, polymer buckles with aluminum frames, a microfiber gaiter and poly fabric lining with both foam areas and anti-sliding suede reinforcement on the heel area.

The motorcycle side of the boots uses rubber surfaces over the TPU to protect bike and improve rider grip on the bike

And let’s not forget the Ankle Brace System, which uses a biomechanical inner brace with torsion bars to control ankle and leg rotation, while still allowing freedom of movement. There is also shock-absorbing padding on the heel and ankles, with a thin, flexible front foot area for increased sensitivity and control.

The result of the anatomical engineering is undoubtedly one of the most advanced motocross boots on the planet and definitely worth consideration for anybody taking to the dirt.

You might be wondering what separates the Ryan Villopoto Edition from the regular Tech 10 boots. The main differences are the RV2 badges on the rear of the boot and in the lining. The unique RV2 green exterior color also required Alpinestars to develop a new bi-injection mold process for the TPU. This allowed the design team to get the special color completely uniform on the shin plates and details. We understand this process has since been adapted and will be utilized on all future Tech 10 boots.

Comfort and Fit 

If you’re feet are accustomed to running shoes and flipflops all day, the RV2 Tech 10s are going to feel totally alien. It’s a very technical boot that offers a great deal of support and not a great deal of compromise. Don’t expect to feel your toes or the shift lever in these. In fact, simply walking can be slightly problematic to begin with. But if you’re after the ultimate protection, you need to make some sacrifices.

Closure system starts with the Velcro flap before fastening the polymer and aluminum buckles

With its multiple layers, simply putting-on the RV2 Tech 10 boots is a mission. You first push your foot down into a poly fabric “sock” that provides the first level of protection. It helps to cushion your foot but can initially feel restrictive. Fortunately, there’s a thin strap on the rear that you can pull on as your foot slides in, ensuring the sock doesn’t collapse inwards.

The next task is to buckle the boot, wrapping the outer shell around the sock and tucking-in the microfiber gaiter that is designed to keep out dirt and water.

After adjusting the length of the three buckles, you tighten the polymer buckles and aluminum frames. Fortunately, the buckles are self-aligning and allow good leverage without feeling flimsy. Once snapped into place, they’re not coming undone without a good tug on the buckle to release them.

It takes some effort and cursing to fit the boots comfortably as you try to cram in the gaiter and fasten the buckles. Given the 95˚F temperatures we were experiencing, it wasn’t the ideal conditions, but I was surprised at how quickly you forgot about them.

Walking definitely required a little practice, not being able to bend your ankle much. Of course, this isn’t unique to the Tech 10; all motocross boots are inflexible but I mention it because it can come as a surprise to the newbie

Once on the bike, though, it all made far more sense. Gear changes took a few minutes of practice, but before long, it felt as if I'd been using the Tech 10 for years.

The weight never goes away, especially in the desert heat, but on the bike I was far less aware of its inflexibility and enjoy its superb support, especially when sticking out a foot to pivot around a turn, or transferring weight onto the pegs to alter your seating position.

I’m not going to lie, it was wonderful to take them off after each day’s runs, but that was more about the weather than the boots. The inner sock dealt well with perspiration, seeming to soak it up without becoming sodden. The gaiters did indeed keep the dust out, but it was the ankle support, toe protection and sturdy soles that I was most grateful for.

I’m certainly not sufficiently skilled or youthful enough to feel invulnerable, but the RV Tech 10 boots definitely impart an overall feeling of security. And since motorcycle riding is 90% confidence, I found I was able to concentrate more on what I was doing, and less on the consequences of a tumble.


In truth, the Alpinestars RV2 Tech 10 are more boots than I’ll ever need. But like taking a rocket launcher to a gunfight, it never hurts to have too much protection…

My riding skills will never fully exploit all the advantages offered by the Tech 10, but it’s great to know that those benefits are there. And if (when) the inevitable happens, it will be good to know your feet, ankles and shins are in the best place possible – protected by Alpinestars’ incredible motocross boot.

Review: Alpinestars RV2 Tech 10 Boots

I’ve always loved the technical styling of the Alpinestars products, especially since it’s function over form – they look this way because they need to.

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Preferring black boots, the vivid dayglo highlights really stand out. In fact, our photos don’t do justice to how bright they are in sunlight. Of course, if you don’t want that combination, there are many different options in the regular Tech 10 range.

In our opinion, the Alpinestars RV2 Tech 10 are phenomenal boots, offering tremendous protection, plenty of style and functional comfort. The only real question mark the price, which is almost double that of my Tech 7 boots, for example. But if you’re seeking the best protection for your feet, shins and ankles, you won’t go far wrong with a pair of Tech 10.


The MSRP for the Alpinestars RV2 Tech 10 Boots is $599.95 and not many retailers currently appear to be discounting that price. The regular Alpinestars Tech 10 Boots are slightly cheaper at $579.95, with six different color options.


Photos by Brent Sorbom

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