Everyone's favorite street racer/personal trainer/male model/art director/fashion designer, Adey, just borrowed a Ducati 1199 Panigale for a couple days from Beverly Hills Ducati. You know what he did with it too, The Snake. Here's what you've all been waiting for, a real rider on a real road on the world's fastest motorcycle.

Update: two more videos added.


How'd you end up on a Panigale? "Beverly Hills Ducati was gracious enough to lend it to me for the weekend. Dunno if they'll do it again after watching this video."

How do you like the TC? Is it abrupt like on the 1198 or nice and smooth like the RSV4? "Definitely a improvement from the 1198. It kicked in many times thru out the Snake run unbeknownst to me, giving me the confidence to go faster. When I rode the RSV4 on this section of Mulholland, I couldn't find the heart to exploit the TC."

Is it comfortable? Easy to hang off and move around? "The wide clip-ons make the bike feel very familiar and comfortable. The rearsets didn't bother me, but I'd prob set mine further back a bit. With a bike this narrow, it's beyond easy to move around on it."

How would you rate the handling? "10 out of 10! Quick light steering, easy to find your desired line. Too much fun to ride."

Did you try the electronically adjustable suspension? Do you see that being useful or is it just a gimmick? "I didn't touch the settings. I'd need time to see how dramatic the changes feel."

Does it really feel as light as they say? "YES!"


Does the lack of a frame affect the way you interact with the bike at all? "Not at all, the only thing I thought about while riding was where is the next corner."

What's the reaction like in the city from real people? "Dumbfounded...awestruck. During our night shoot, a bunch of young girls were taking pictures in the area we wanted to use. When I asked how long they were gonna be, the first thing they asked was 'Is that a Ducati?' My answer 'Yup' theirs, 'Hot.'


How's it ride on city streets and on the highway? Could you commute on one? "It doesn't feel like you're on a superbike believe it or not. It's ergos give you the option of sitting upright or leaning over when you feel like it. The motor is city friendly too, no abruptness from early throttle application. I definitely could see myself putting a lot of city miles on this bike."

"On a side note, I made a comment back in the Yamaha 'Zero to Hero' story that I wanted my next superbike to come with all the bells and whistles on it. The Ducati Panigale S is it. I'd only purchase a rear Ohlins spring for my weight, rearsets and remove the mirrors. I can live with the stock exhaust, it's loud as FUCK!!"

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