Motorcyclists understand the concept of being able to do more with less—specifically, how to be able to carry more tools in less space. This is true whether most of your riding is around town or around the world. So, we tend to have an affinity for ingenious compact multi-tools of all types—and in general, the simpler and more compact, the better.

Gerber, the company well-known for its rugged, razor-edged hunting knives and other outdoor gear has one of the simplest multi-tools on the market called the Shard.

The Shard is made out of a solid piece of stainless steel to make it very rigid and is finished with a titanium nitride coating so it's impervious to nearly every corrosive environment you may encounter. Weighing in at only 0.6 oz., 2.75” long and just over an inch wide, it's small enough to be on your key chain. With no moving parts, the only way it can go totally out of your service is if you lose it.

It includes seven tools: a medium and small blade flat screwdriver, a wire stripper, bottle opener, pry bar, lanyard hole and cross-driver (small Phillips) screwdriver. You might wonder how much good a pry bar less than three inches long can do, but the Shard increases its potential by having a curve to it.

If you're fond of fly and ride adventures or just don’t want to have to inventory everything in your pockets to avoid problems in the security line at the airport, the Shard has the added virtue of being airline safe as a carry-on item.

Priced at only $7.00 and backed by a lifetime warranty in North America, the Gerber Shard is one of those compact multi-tools you may find you’ll want to have more than one of: So one goes in your tool box, tackle box, back pack, motorcycle saddle bag, as well as on your key chain.

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