There are, apparently, some who claim that the appropriate response to pricey motorcycle gear is to buy a cheaper motorcycle. For the rest of us, there is plenty of decent, stylish gear available for prices that don’t force you to trade in your sweet ride for a beater.

The Gear

Not everyone can afford high-end leathers, and it’s lucky for those riders that Joe Rocket exists. The Classic ‘92 takes the modern leather riding jacket, manufactured with contemporary materials and quality techniques, and gives it a retro spin with a narrow cut, quilted shoulders, and racing stripes. For a bit over 300 bucks, you get a brand-new, leather riding jacket with nostalgic styling flourishes that ensure you can ride a bike that looks at least as cool as you do.

Joe Rocket Classic ‘92 Leather Motorcycle Jacket

The Good

The supple and strong, 1-1.2 mm drum-dyed cowhide might not be as thick as racing leather but it’s certainly not the cheap stuff. The use of solid, sturdy YKK zippers is a telltale sign that quality was important to the jacket’s production. The inner storm flap should serve to keep elements out and the neoprene-lined collar is a nice comfort touch as well.

The best feature of the Classic ‘92 is its off-white, zip-out liner. Unlike a lot of synthetic fabric liners, the thick quilted cotton here is sure to be functional. Even better, the cotton makes it one of the most comfortable full-sleeve liners I’ve ever worn.

Finally, snap adjusters on the waist and forearms should make the jacket versatile enough for chubby or extra-skinny guys. At 5’11/185 lbs, I’m pretty average-sized, and simply left the adjusters alone.

The Bad

Storage on the Classic ‘92 is just okay, but that’s a common complaint with tight-fitting jackets. Considering the snug fit the outside horizontal breast pockets might be better reserved for appearance purposes only. There’s also a small key pocket on the left forearm that could feasibly come in handy for tiny items like a single bike key or driver’s license. But it’s too small to accommodate even a smartphone. (Still rockin’ the flip phone? You might be in luck here. Maybe.) The two inner lapel pockets will surely be the go-to items for daily riders.

Lastly, considering the “Made in Vietnam” tag, it’s clear the Classic was machine-stitched on a production line. But what did you expect for this price?

Joe Rocket Classic ‘92 Leather Jacket

The Verdict

This is not a racing jacket. This is not a logo-ridden, “look-at-me” fashion statement. Rather, Joe Rocket’s Classic ‘92 is a decent quality, retro leather jacket that should serve its owner dutifully and allow him to look as good as his current motorcycle.

The Joe Rocket Classic ‘92 for men comes in black only and will cost between $319.99 – $335.99, depending on size (small-3XL). It should be noted that the jacket does not come with its optional armor which can be purchased separately. RideApart advises that you roll the extra dough for the additional protection.



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