The protection specialists at Forcefield have updated their Pro L2 back protector with a new version that incorporates Kevlar stitched into the structure for increased strength and durability. This is a standalone, wearable armor-unit so it might be a bit inconvenient for everyday use but great for track days, adventure riding and weekend rides.

Price: $150

Forcefield Pro L2 Kevlar Back Protector

Why we like it: You can never have too much protection, and your back houses some of the most important components in the human body. The best thing about Forcefield protection is that it feels soft and flexible when you wear it, but provides the CE2-level protection when and if you need it. So, if you are going to do the kind of riding where a highly-developed and engineered back protector is warranted, then check the Pro L2K. It’s a sound improvement on a tried and true formula.

Less expensive competitor: The Alpinestars Bionic Air back protector is a tad cheaper at $140 and is also slim, light and breathable, but is only certified to the CE1 standard, which is around half as safe.

You should also check out: Why stop at just your back? If you like the comfort and functionality of Forcefield armor, check out the Forcefield Pro Shirt protector; incorporating back, chest, elbow and chest armor; it provides a complete solution at $270.

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