The R25 is the most versatile backpack in Kriega’s range, large enough to fit a week’s trip worth of stuff, but small enough to wear without noticing. The innovative attachment method moves weight off your shoulders, massively boosting on-bike comfort and facilitating total freedom of movement.

Price: $180

Kriega R25

Kriega R25

Why we like it: There’s no more comfortable way to wear a backpack on a bike than with a Kriega. They’re also incredibly high quality, come with a 10-year warranty and are built to take abuse. I’ve used mine virtually every day for six years and it’s still as good as new. A CE2 back protector insert can be added without occupying appreciable volume.

Less expensive competitor: The $130 Alpinestars Charger backpack has the same volume, but lacks Kriega’s comfort or quality.

You should also check out: The $100 Icon Squad 3 mimics Kriega’s attachment method, can also carry a back protector and is available in hi-viz colors.

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