Ride a dirt bike? Then you need a handheld GPS unit like this one to help you navigate fire roads and trails. The Garmin GPS Map 62 is affordable and high-spec. It’s also water and shockproof and doesn’t have trouble finding a satellite signal, even under a dense forest canopy.

Price: $300

Why we like it: The color screen is easy to read and the whole thing fits easily into a small pocket on your jacket or pants. The 20-hour battery life will last through a three-day dual sport trip and the 1.7gb of memory is enough to hold a bunch of detailed topo maps.

Less expensive competitor: Stick with your smartphone and download one of the available GPS navigation programs. Those can just about get the job done, but you won’t get anything like the same battery life, signal or ruggedness and operating one in the field can be a real pain.

You should also check out: The $650 Garmin Zumo 660LM GPS is a more total navigation solution, but obviously much more expensive.

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