The OGIO Flight Vest combines a hydration pack and tactical vest into one incredibly useful piece of equipment. I wore it to Yosemite and back and I’ll never take another trip without it.

The Gear:

The OGIO Flight Vest is constructed of 420 Denier dobby nylon and 600 Denier poly, OGIO's version of Cordura.

It comes with the HYDRAPACK 2 liter hydration system, held in a pocket in the back of the vest.

The Flight Pack has multiple points for size adjustment at both sides and at the front buckles.

It has a variety of pockets all over, with several multi-use pockets, a pocket for goggles and lenses, back pockets for tools, and zippered chest pockets in front.

The OGIO Flight Vest retails for $139.95.

IMG_0986 (1)

RideApart's Wes Siler modeling the OGIO Flight Vest.

The Good

The OGIO Flight Pack distributes the weight of the contents you’re carrying completely evenly throughout your body. I normally feel even my Kriega Hydro 3 after a few hours, but I completely forgot I was wearing the Flight Pack.

All of those pockets are unbelievably useful. I carried ear-plugs in one, my cell phone and wallet in another, visor cleaners in another, my Mophie Powerstation in another, and a knife and flashlight in the front multi-tool slots. There was even a place to clip my keys when I got off the bike. The best part? I could reach all of it immediately. No trying to squeeze things out of my pant pocket while sitting, no fiddling with jacket pocket zippers.

We have yet to try this out yet, but I also think it will be great for sport riding days in the canyons or dual sport days, worn over our dirt armor or a jersey. I won’t need to carry as much as I do on a long trip, but it would be amazing to not have to try and dig my wallet out of my leathers at the Crystal Lake Café or take my pack off to find my phone to shoot pictures of a buddy charging a water crossing.

IMG_0991 (1)

OGIO Flight Vest front.

The Bad

It looks very tactical. I loved every minute of wearing it…except the 15 between walking into Red Robin and walking to our table at our lunch stop on the way home from Yosemite. It takes my adventure outfit from “I’m on an awesome adventure,” to “I’m a big geek.” There really isn’t anything OGIO could do to make it better, it’s just the price you pay for wearing something so technical looking.

More importantly, it’s just too big. Even with all the straps pulled as tightly as possible, it doesn’t fit snugly. This isn’t an issue so much while on a big adventure and wearing big adventure gear, but I don’t want anything hanging loosely off my body while sport riding.

IMG_0992 (1)

OGIO Flight Vest back.

The Verdict

Like ear plugs, the OGIO Flight Pack is one of those additions to your gear collection you never think you want until you use one and realize you couldn’t imagine riding without it. The Flight Pack is lightweight, has pockets for everything you could possibly need, and is comfortable to wear. We’d love to see them offer a few different sizes, with further adjustability built into each, if we’re going to wear it over leather or dirt-armor but until then, it’s perfect for any adventure.

Additional Information: Flight Hydration Utility Vest

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