Shoei is one of the most trusted helmet companies on the planet thanks to a reputation for quality, reliability, innovation, and most importantly, safety. These qualities are on full display in the VFX-EVO, Shoei’s newest off-road helmet.

Motocross riding comes with its own unique dangers that require equally unique riding gear and protection, and the VFX-EVO is packed with motocross-specific safety features. For starters, it features Shoei’s proprietary Motion Energy Distribution System. The MEDS consists of a dual-layer, multi-density EPS liner engineered to minimize rotational acceleration to the head in the event of an accident. This is achieved by the inner layer being anchored to a large internal center column which allows the system to “swing” upon impact which then enables the strategically located perimeter columns to absorb the energy so your head doesn’t have to.

Available in four different sizes, the outer shell of the new MX lid uses Shoei’s multi-ply Matrix AIM+ construction. It merges fiberglass with what Shoei calls “lightweight organic  and high-performance fibers” that together provide optimal impact-absorption, strength, and elasticity.

The aerodynamic advantages of a spoiler have been incorporated into the design of the shell too, allowing the helmet can maintain a consistent thickness throughout its entire structure. The stylish chin bar and mouthpiece – which sports some sexy aluminum mesh screens –  is reinforced by a strategically placed strip constructed from the same material as the AIM+ shell.

Shoei Unveils new VFX-EVO Helmet

The VFX-EVO’s V-470 visor is made from a high-grade polycarbonate held on by heavy-duty screws that are designed to sheer off in the event of an accident. The adjustable V-470 visor also features a new flange mechanism that helps restrict unexpected movement caused by violent or aggressive riding, while still allowing the rider to easily find/return the visor to its home position.

Inside, the helmet sports Shoei’s sweat-wicking 3D Max-Dry liner which is 100% removable and machine washable. The interior pads are three-dimensionally shaped to better match the contours of the riders face, ensuring the best possible fit for maximum comfort and protection. In the event that an impact is so severe that it defeats the VFX-EVO’s many layers of defense, the new helmet features Shoei’s Emergency Quick Release System (or EQRS), allowing the helmet to be removed without causing additional/unnecessary strain to the rider’s neck.

Shoei Unveils new VFX-EVO Helmet

US Pricing has already been announced on the New Shoei VFX-EVO. It starts at $539 for the solid colors, $559 for the metallic colors, $719 for the graphics helmets, and $739 for the replica lids.

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