I’ll get around to the SHOEI QWEST’s specs and the aesthetics, but I want to start with the helmet's ventilation system. It really works. The helmet kept me cool in SoCal’s 100+ heat without being too loud (reducing unwanted road noises by a max of 2.2 dB, according to the website).

Looking at the helmet, it’s no surprise that it kept me cool – the thing’s got a lot of vents. It has a large one on the chin (which is easy to control while riding), one at the forehead, and two more on the spoiler. In this hot weather, ventilation is just as much about safety as it is about comfort. The SHOEI QWEST did a great job controlling the heat, and I would highly recommend it on that point.

But Wait, There's A Lot More

Along with the QWEST’s ventilation system, SHOEI’s touring helmet features a shell-integrated spoiler, a dual-layer EPS liner for impact protection, and a new base plate system for easy shield replacement. I can only really speak for the shield replacement system. It’s so simple – slide back the locking mechanism and pull the release lever. It’s that easy to switch from clear to tint. It almost seems too easy, but the locking system is solid and the shield holds well, so I trust it.

Staying Cool With the SHOEI QWEST Touring Helmet - Review

Find Your Ideal Style

Like most SHOEI models, the QWEST helmet comes in a bunch of different colors and styles. I chose grey because it’s visible (and maybe I was feeling boring the day I ordered it, I don’t know). With its subtle curves, I like how clean the QWEST looks in a basic color. But part of me does wish I went with something a little flashier…

I really don’t have a complaint about the SHOEI QWEST helmet. I got a medium and the sizing was as expected; It fit me well (tight but not too tight). And the helmet comes with a five year warranty, so I know it’ll last me a while. Overall, it's a good buy.

The QWEST comes in sizes XXS to XXL and sells at $492.99.

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