Clothier of the racing gods, protector of the average man, and makers of fine Italian leather goods Dainese crafts some of the finest apparel money can buy.

This latest offering, in the form of their D-Dry technology, is a four season waterproof, insulated, vented jacket full of options and compromises.


One nice thing about reviewing Dainese products is the lack of acronyms. Some manufacturers have so many proprietary names for features it becomes difficult to write a review.

The jacket exterior is made from a quick drying Duratex fabric. The shell is coated to offer some water resistance and held up under moderate rain but even that eventually saturated the outer layer. When it rains hard enough it will get weighed down and retain water.

Dainese D-Dry D-Stormer Jacket - Review

There are two liners included. The first is a thermal liner that is very plush and warm. The liner has full length sleeves and is not the typical vest, which is a nice touch. The second liner is the D-Dry breathable waterproof membrane. Similar to that of competitors, this is Dainese's proprietary waterproof solution. Significantly less expensive than Gore-Tex, it works well. What I am not a fan of, with liners like this, is the cold sits on your skin. Even though you aren't wet, you feel like you are when the jacket gets saturated. Another downside is that when you're touring or even on a long ride, you need to carry all of the layers. Sometimes a rain suit would be simpler. This isn't a knock on the jacket: it works as designed, but it is something to consider if you're choosing between a jacket like this and a rain suit.

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Plenty of pockets, with a pocket on the thermal liner as well, make it easy to carry phones, wallets, etc. The thermal liner pocket is nice as it adds an easy access pocket that is behind the waterproof liner. It's quite handy for protecting sensitive items.

Fitment straps at the waist and arms allow you to adjust the jacket quickly and easily when installing or removing the liners. Buttons are used to adjust the wrist opening size.


There isn't really a lot to say here. The jacket is soft, with a silky feel to the liners. Without the liners in place it is still like slipping on a conformable sweatshirt. The exterior is never stiff, it didn't fight my movement, and it looks nice to boot.

Dainese D-Dry D-Stormer Jacket - Review

The only complaint is there is a lot of material on the arms. In order to fit all of the features and the vents it leaves the material bunchy when all cinched up tight. It does not inhibit movement, or impact protection, it simply looks frumpish.

We rate the comfort “Outstanding” for its soft interior and soft outer material.


Armor is provided in the elbows, shoulders, and back. It is certified to EN 162.1 (CE Level 1) standards. It is decent armor that offers adequate protection for the street.

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We rate the protection as ”Average”.  It is not bad, but we feel it could be better for this price point.

Temperature Range and Waterproofing

With multiple liners and ginormous front vents the temperature range is almost unlimited. The maximum and minimum temperatures will be more dictated by the rider than this jacket. If you want to tackle it the jacket will be right there with you. We have ridden with this jacket for a few months, and from plus 90 temps to this week's 40s it has worked. Add some additional thermal layers, or compression gear for the heat and ride on.

There are three reasons why it works so well in hotter temperatures. The first: fold down vents that cover a 3 inch by 5 inch patch on each side of your chest. The second: sleeve vents that open from the wrist to your elbow. Massive up the arm air flow helps force the hot air out the back vent. The third and most unique feature is the back exhaust vent. It has three positions to regulate air flow. Think of them as adding some ventilation, plenty of ventilation, and wow! The front chest and back exhaust are fully integrated and attach to the jacket so you don't have to worry about pieces flapping in the wind to losing items.

Dainese D-Dry D-Stormer Jacket - Review

While I may not like liners and the complexity they add to a jacket - the liners on the D-Stormer jacket do work really well. The jacket kept me dry, warm, and even though it got waterlogged it dried pretty quickly. A couple hours hanging and within 30 minutes while riding until it was no longer wet to the touch.

Temperature range and waterproofing rate "Excellent".


Priced at $519 the overall rating for the D-Stormer jacket is “Excellent”. It could have a higher rated armor for protection but everything else is really really good.

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