We review the Dainese Stockholm touring pants.

For those that read my last review of the Dainese D-Dry D-Stormer, these are the pants that were tested with it. The Danes Stockholm pants are made from the same D-Dry technology, with a number of very nice features.


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Designed for long touring and skewed towards cold weather riding, the Stockholm pants were a bit too warm when we started testing. Wearing them when temps were in the upper 80s to 90s left me feeling muggy and wet. Drop below those temperatures and they performed much better; when it gets really cold adding the liner kept me warm well into the lower 30s. The water resistant exterior material bonded with Dainese D-Dry membrane meant that they stayed dry through all types of weather.

The Crazy Comfortable Dainese Stockholm Touring Motorcycle Pants - Review


The liner of the pants feels like it is made from soft flannel pajama pants. The actual material is far more technical than that, but the feeling is immediately comfortable. Easy to remove, and easy to put back in, the liner is almost superfluous as the pants keep the wearer quite warm even without it.

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Waist adjustment is quick and easy with the velcro straps. The pants will fit to any Dainese jacket via the zipper system. They are available in Euro size 44-62.

The Crazy Comfortable Dainese Stockholm Touring Motorcycle Pants - Review
The armor fits nicely and offers a lot of coverage. In fact, the knee armor covered almost my entire shin bone. That would be perfect if it didn't limit the height of a pair of boots that will fit. According to Dainese, these are touring pants and not ADV style riding pants - which is good because ADV boots of any kind will not fit. The leg opening is too small and that knee armor may limit the types of boot that a rider can wear with these pants. I had a hard time getting my work boots to fit with them. This isn't a knock on the performance, just an observation for those who wear bigger boots.

We rate the comfort “Outstanding” for its soft interior, as well as wet and cold weather performance.

The Crazy Comfortable Dainese Stockholm Touring Motorcycle Pants - Review


The Stockholm pants feature hip armor, knee armor that extends to the ankle, strong stitching, and top quality materials. This is really a no brainer: protection is "Excellent" and only surpassed by stronger exterior materials.

The Crazy Comfortable Dainese Stockholm Touring Motorcycle Pants - Review

Temperature Range and Waterproofing

Designed for colder weather the pants hit their mark perfectly. Within a range of temps from 30 to 80 they kept me comfortable, and despite several rain storms I never got wet wearing them. The D-Dry technology membrane has proven itself, in both the jacket and the pants, to be very effective. It's a nice alternative to Gore-Tex and comes at a lower cost as well.

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The Stockholms are not a 4-season pair of pants and they weren't intended to be by design. For that they get an "Outstanding". They hit their design criteria, and kept the water out.

The Crazy Comfortable Dainese Stockholm Touring Motorcycle Pants - Review

Priced at $289.99 they undercut the competition by some $30, offer the same features, and don't fall short on what's promised.

The overall rating for the Stockholm pants is “Outstanding”. There aren’t many features that could be improved on.

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