We review the Dainese Carroarmato Gore-Tex boots.

A good, comfortable, high quality riding boot is expensive, so we, like so many other riders, want a pair of boots that can do multiple things well, all without breaking the bank. The Dainese Carroarmato boot is a full-feature adventure touring boot that looks and functions well on and off the street.

Retailing at $389.95, it's less outlandish in its style than the TCX X-Desert (we reviewed a few weeks ago) and less robust for off-road riding, so does it offer a better compromise for a good all-around boot?

Dainese Carroarmato Boots - Review


The Carroarmato features leather construction, aluminum buckles, TPU shin protection, and ankle protection built in. Suede inserts on the inside of the leg for heat protection and to protect the bikes finish is a wonderful touch, but not unique. They are also certified to the EN 13634 Standard. This covers the protection for on and off-road boot protection, ergonomic characteristics, innocuousness, and mechanical properties. (For an in-depth explanation, read EN13634 Standard.)

A Gore-Tex liner makes them outstanding for weather protection, and even though they aren't insulated they handle colder temperatures very well.

I rate the features as “Outstanding” - they lack nothing and are a nice subdued design.

Dainese Carroarmato Boots - Review

Comfort Off Of The Bike 

When you first look at the Carroarmatos they don't seem like they would be that comfortable off the bike. You would be surprised, then, when you spend any amount of time walking around in them. I did find that the shinguard became uncomfortable for me after extended periods, but again these are not walking around street boots.

The interior is designed with soft inserts and an ergonomic sole that makes walking in them very easy. The Gore-Tex is always nice and plush and adds to that comfort.


The Princess-Blue, White and Anthracite boot, to us, looks better (despite Princess in the name), but the black boot is more subtle and matches better with most all riding gear.

The Princess-Blue, White and Anthracite boot, to us, looks better (despite Princess in the name), but the black boot is more subtle and matches better with most all riding gear.

Off the bike comfort gets an "Average" rating. For a full-length boot designed for on- and off-road riding we feel that's a pretty good rating.

Comfort On The Bike 

Comfort on the bike is where these boots shine. Then again, that's the point - to ride with them. The toebox is perfect making shifting easy and smooth. Very flexible and with a giant TPU shifter protector, the boots don't scuff easily and hold up to use very well.

Overall comfort is “Excellent.”

Temperature Range and Waterproofing

The Carroarmato boots have no more insulation than the TCX boots recently tested, but they handle the colder temperatures better. Without a detailed material analysis, we are not sure why that is. It just is. Warmer temps are not uncomfortable either making these very versatile boots for varied riding.

I did not stand in a bucket or wade deep rivers but with the amount of rain we have had this year testing gear for waterproofing is pretty easy. I just wait five minutes and voila, it rains. No water has gotten past the outer layer and my feet have stayed dry.

Temperature range is “Excellent” while waterproofing is also “Excellent”

Dainese Carroarmato Boots - Review


For those that like a more subdued adventure boot with almost no advertising logos, these boots hit the mark. They are also very good boots and you don't give anything up to get that style. Priced at $389.99 they also come in at a very attractive price point.

Overall rating is “Excellent.” Subdued style with all the protection you need for all but the most hard core riding.

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