We love the Racer USA Dynamic II GoreTex winter riding gloves, here's why you should too. Read our review here at RideApart.

In most areas in the North East, it's usually cold and snow is a fact of life. Located in Maryland, I have to deal with frigid temperatures often. At times, so much snow comes down, it covers every inch of road in a winter wonderland and threatens to shut down the entire state. To even think about riding in that you need some serious gear to keep you warm and dry.

What I've been using is a pair of winter riding gloves from Racer USA. The Dynamic II GORETEX® Glove isn't as heavily insulated as some other models, but it also doesn't have the bulk. And when combined with heated grips, it works really well.

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The Dynamic II are winter gloves; therefore, they have some bulkiness to them. Even with all of breakthroughs to bond layers together, there's no way to eliminate the bulk of insulation. With a leather palm area, you get enough tactile feedback on the controls so it never feels completely disconnected. The leather also means that heated grips still transmit that heat all the way to your hands. The overall fit is true to size, comfortable, and the inside is very plush.

Racing the Cold with Racer Dynamic II Gloves

Do they perform?

In a word yes. If you need cold weather performance that integrates heated grips, these are the best I've tested. I have worn many waterproof gloves that were mediocre in colder weather. None have kept my hands very warm at 30 degrees and colder.

The Dynamic II gloves are also waterproof, with a caveat that applies to all gloves when worn properly. A conundrum with gloves and jackets is getting the combination of over and under correct. Tuck them under the sleeves and sometimes the water runs up the arm, put them over the sleeves and water will run down into them. I found it depends on the jacket whether they were over or under.

Racing the Cold with Racer Dynamic II Gloves

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Many times with winter gloves, protection is skimped. The leather palm, gel protector, molded knuckle protector and CE 2 certification offer plenty of protection. Staying warm and protected, how could it get any better?


The Racer Dynamic II Goretex Motorcycle Glove is packed with features. With a soft Polartec® fleece liner, combined with Dexfil® insulation and a GORE-TEX® waterproof membrane, the Dynamic IGlove is sure to keep you warm and dry. CE 2 certified, the Dynamic II also features a Pittards® leather palm with leather grip patch and gel palm protector. Finish it off with a cowhide and textile chassis and a hard shell leather covered knuckle protector. Additional features include:

- Dual closure wrist and cuff

- 5-yr waterproof warranty

- Available in black, Sizes M-3XL


The Racer USA Dynamic II Goretex gloves are a steal at $169. For the performance, comfort, insulation, fit and finish you could pay twice as much and not get a better glove.

Racing the Cold with Racer Dynamic II Gloves

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Photos Courtesy of Motorcycle Superstore and RACER USA

Racing the Cold with Racer Dynamic II Gloves
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