New Vintage/Retro/Classic Gear from Indian Motorcycle

'...everything from a cushion to a slap koozie*'

Indian Motorcycle’s new line of garb and accessories draws on the brand’s “heritage while meeting the modern day needs of motorcyclists.”

The catalog includes men’s and women’s boots by Red Wing Shoes. (Established in 1905.)

The ‘Casualwear’ line includes the Men’s Fashion Fit collection, six T-shirts with slimmer shoulders and sleeves so the T-shirt fits closer to the body, and 19 new styles of T-shirt styles for men (four long-sleeved) and 13 new T-shirt styles for women (five long-sleeved).

But Wait There’s More! Four new men’s casual jackets, called the Scout, the 1901, the Oscar and the Frontier jacket. Plus a new category called ‘Man Cave, Garage & Outdoors’ that features items such as mugs, wall clocks, metal signs and even a cushion.

For more information, visit the Indian Motorcycle website.

*A slap koozie is a piece of material you ‘slap’ around a can of beer to keep the can cool and your hands warm.

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