The off-road world is made up of riders who are loyal to brands that make up almost every color of the rainbow. But in the world of enduro, one shade arguably sticks out more than the rest: Orange. 

KTMs dominate hard enduro, as is evident by the brand taking first and second place at the 2024 Erzbery Rodeo. Trail riders swoon over the XC-W range, which got a 95% overhaul for 2024.

So, we weren't expecting the 2025 line-up to get much in terms of updates, but the Austrian manufacturer sought to refine what's already a winning recipe for next year's line-up and add a touch of flair. 

607148_MY25_KTM_450 XCF-W_ACTION_Enduro Range
592904_MY25 KTM XC-W RANGE - ACTION6_01_ACTION_Enduro Range
607149_MY25_KTM_450 XCF-W_ACTION_Enduro Range

The most notable change for 2025, at least visually, is the "orange makeover". Yes, KTM has found a way to make its bikes even more orange, and I'm a fan. Designers replaced the 1990s-inspired purple highlights with a silver/gray graphic over predominantly orange bodywork and a black frame.

But the 2025 range's upgrades are more than cosmetic.

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KTM claims to have refined the handling thanks to new settings for the rear WP XPLOR PDS shock, which the brand says results in improved pressure balance and a lower risk of cavitation. The swingarm will also get an update in the form of a unit to improve the durability of the chain slider.

590646_MY25-KTM 300 XC-W_90-left_XC-W_USA
590645_MY25-KTM 300 XC-W_45-right_XC-W_USA
590647_MY25-KTM 300 XC-W_90-right_XC-W_USA

There are more chassis changes up front, where the 2025 models will have a new fuel tank mount to secure the tank more firmly in place while keeping the frame protected against scrubbing. But some of the features that riders love the most will stay the same.

All models in the range keep the hydro-formed, laser-cut, and robot-welded frame, and a 48 mm WP XACT Closed Cartridge spring fork and WP XPLOR PDS shock. Riders will also get a high-grip seat cover and textured grip strips, which will also be found on the frame protectors, tank shrouds, and bar pad. 

Contrary to recent rumors, KTMs 2-strokes are here for the foreseeable future, and the 2025 range will consist of the 150 XC-W, 250 XC-W, and 300 XC-W. The 450 XCF-W will remain as the sole 4-stroke in the range.

As shallow as it might be, the new orange-on-orange colorway is the update that excites me the most. Tell us what you like the most about the 2025 XC-W range in the comments. 

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