I love a good wheelie. I'm not good at them by any stretch, but I love the feeling of popping my front wheel into the air and really letting my inner hot boi out whenever possible. 

It's silly and fun and sure as hell makes me giggle each time. And I'd love to get better at them, but doing so can be expensive (wheelie school) or dangerous (practicing on the road). So what are you to do other than just throwing caution to the wind?

Well, the Aussies think they have a solution to that conundrum in the form of a set of plans for your very own backyard-built wheelie machine. Who's ready to make their garage or shed the life of the neighborhood and the bane of your local HOA?

What we're talking about today is a set of plans that Wild Wheelies out of Australia will begin selling to the general public next week. The plans of which, show you how to build your own wheelie machine. And more importantly, how to do so for on the cheap. 

"We believe everybody should have access to a wheelie machine!," says the caption of one of the company's Instagram posts, which is why they'll be selling you the plans. 

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In the video announcing the wheelie plans, Wild Wheelies states, "Are you ready to revolutionize your backyard with a one-of-a-kind wheelie machine? Well, you're in luck! In just six days, on June 24th, we're releasing the blueprints and a step-by-step tutorial for building your very own wheelie machine." That sounds promising as hell, especially for anyone garage-savvy. 

But it gets better, as they go on to state, "And guess what, it'll only be an investment of $150 of steel from your local scrap bin." They then show off a basic CAD model of the wheelie machine, which looks pretty on-point. 

You'll get detailed blueprints, a cutting list, and a comprehensive video tutorial. Everything to "ensure building your wheelie machine is a breeze."

The video ends with Wild Wheelies stating, "We've spent the last 12 months perfecting these plans because we believe everyone deserves access to this incredible machine."

And based on what I see, it looks absolutely awesome, though I suspect you may need a few more things than just $150 worth of scrap metal, as there are fans, an airbag suspension member, and parts you'd likely need to hook up an air compressor to. That said, I want to try it and see if it could help me pop sicker wheelies. 

Should I get the plans?

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